(Italiano) Concorso Manifesti 100 km del passatore

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(Italiano) Trailer del DVD “Io c’ero” 2013 è on-line

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Faenza, February 17, 2014



More than 1,250 enrolments less than 100 days from the 2014 “PASSATORE”

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Well yes! We’re come into play not only as athletes, but also as “organizers”!

After giving spent years running the most beautiful Italian ultra marathons we want to try organizing one.

The idea was born in mid October when we began planning our training schedule for the next Passatore.

We were looking desperately for a six hour race about two months before what will always be for us the most beautiful 100km in the world, the Florence-Faenza.

The more we studied the calendar (also of overseas events) the harder it was to find a race that would “fit in” with our plans.

The best situation would have included a marathon “at the end of February at the worst”, the race of Lake Trasimeno, the 50km of the Romagna and then finally the PASSATORE.

The ideal week would have been that of March 22 and 23. Unfortunately there was nothing planned in Italy.

That is where the idea came from… There are no “6 hour races” that weekend? Then we’ll organize it!

We had spoken about it many times. After the cancellation of the Mai Zeder (the 24 hour event around Lake Serraia at Baselga di Pinè…) in the Trento Region there were no other ultra marathon road races planned.

We thought it would be a real pity that this region which has given us many athletes (Maria Teresa Nardin, Stefano Sartoti, Pio Malfatti and… Monica Carlin) did not have at least one race that exceeded the classic distance of a marathon.

The problem was finding “what type of ultra marathon” and, above all, where to hold it.

Given our training requirements we quickly chose the race distance: a “6 hour race”! The “where” was very easy to find.

When we had to undertake long training sessions without rugged inclines we often went to the Bici Grill at Levico Terme.

Many possible courses begin from this structure with diverse distance and varying degrees of inclines.

One of these courses, a ring of about 1750 metres (which we will have officially approved as soon as possible…) is totally level and covered in asphalt. For a large part of its length it runs along a bicycle track that runs along the River Brenta.

“Wow!… This is perfect!” we thought immediately. There is the Bici Grill which is excellent from a logistic point of view (baths, bar, catering, gardens, parking…), the countryside is stupendous with the Bondone in the background. We only have to close 850 metres of road (which has little traffic), the length is perfect (being neither too short, nor too long), few curves and all rather wide.

Even the time of year is the best possible (March 23rd..); the mountains are still snow covered, but at this height (400 metres above sea level) it is already melted and the temperature is neither too hot, nor too cold.

OK! Let’s go for it! We spoke to friends from the Fersen Triathlon (with whom we are also members if the Italian Triathlon Federation…) about it and with the Valsugana Sporting Group (Monica Carlin’s club…) who quickly joined the project.

Even the local council of Levico quickly backed our initiative.

Together with the race for individuals we also wanted to organize a relay race.

We noted that this type of event is making ever more inroads in the world of running.

Without fear of contradiction, we do not believe that there are any “6 x 1 hour” relay races in Italy.

Even this type of event could give many runners the chance of undertaking a good training event towards the springtime half or full marathons (Milan, Russi, Padua, Trieste, Barchi…)

All of them sprinkled with a healthy competitive spirit that grows when people do not run simply for themselves but also with their team mates.

Marco had the fortune and the privilege of working as the Athletes and Events manager for the famous American brand of sportswear Saucony.

For years Saucony was already the sponsor for the Marathon of the Lamone, at Russi, of the “50KM OF THE ROMAGNA” and also of the PASSATORE (the famous Romagna Triple event)

With the SIXBRENTARUN, in combination with these races (thanks to the assistance of Saucony) we wish to propose an “itinerary” of preparation towards the race that we think (and we believe so do all the Italians ultra marathon runners…) is closest to our hearts: THE PASSATORE.

What better way is there train for the best of all races than by competing?

Thanks to their timing the Strasimeno, the Six Brenta Run, the Marathon of the Lamone, the 50km of Romagna, all represent a real and true pathway of preparation for the Queen of Ultra Marathons.

We invite as many as possible to come to the Trentino.

You will find there a beautiful landscape, excellent food and a race that we hope will be one of your finest memories.

We’re waiting for you.

Feresen Triathlon and G.C. Valsugana (Marco Boffo and Monica Carlin).


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WATCH OUT!!!DEADLINE 31st January 2014

Last days for the registration to the 100 km del Passatore at only € 50,00. COME ON’! From 1st February the payment fee will be € 65,00.

We remember that you can send the medical certificate and your association card later.