Cancellation of the 100 km del Passatore 2020 The 48th edition postponed to the end of May 2021

March 27, 2020 in COMUNICATI STAMPA


The Asd 100 km del Passatore officially notifies the cancellation of the 2020 edition of the ultra marathon as it was not possible to postpone it to another date. For the first time ine its long and glorious history which began in 1973 the ultra marathon named after Stefano Pelloni will not take place due to the worldwide emergency unleashed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The 48th edition is postponed to the end of May 2021.


As known the organization of the 100kn del Passatore involves, in addition to the athletes from around the world also health personnel, members of the Civil Protection and the Police which are more and more engaged in the great emergency. Having confirmed the impossibility of postponing the Florence to Faenza race to another date in 2020 due to logistic and organizational reason, together with other events scheduled for the Autumn on Faenza’s calendar the Asd 100km del Passatore has deemed it appropriate to notify the cancellation of the race in advance..


The registrations already mar for the 2020 edition of the 100km del Passatore will therefore be considered valid for the 2021 edition.

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March 21, 2020 in COMUNICATI STAMPA

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