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ARRIVAL - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



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EXHIBITION “POSTER 2014″ designed by the students of Istituto IPS Strocchi (Faenza)
from 18th to 28th, May 2013
Faenza – Comune – Piazza del Popolo, 1 – Salone delle Bandiere

Friday 24th,  May 2013, h 6.00 pm
Faenza – Piazza San Francesco, 14 – Chiostro di San Francesco

Saturday 25th, May 2013, h 8.30 am – Corso Garibaldi, 71 – Faenza; in front of Palestra Ivo Badioli (ex Cavalerizza)

Saturday 25th,  May 2013
5.00 pm  Daniele Menarini and Danny Frisoni illustrate the history of 100 km del Passatore through images and video
6.45 pm  Arrival handbike athletes
7.30 pm Award Ceremony for the official medal designed by the students of Liceo artistico G. Ballardini
7.45 pm Award ceremony “Poster 2014” designed by the students of IPS Strocchi, Faenza
8.00 pm Arrival of relay races organized by Istituto Comprensivo San Rocco
8.30 pm Arrival of relay races organized by Liceo Torricelli, Liceo artistico Ballardini and Istituto Superiore Cassiano Paolini (Imola)
9.30 pm Arrival of the relay races 50 x 1000 organized by CSI Faenza and Gioca Faenza
And then…stand up for the champions!!!

Sunday 26th,  May 2013
10.00 am Award Ceremony 100 km del Passatore
11.00 am Deadline

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