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CASALE PISTRINO - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza


Casale (Pistrino – hamlet of the council area of Brisighella) – 80,5 km – Refreshment N° 18

A place well known in the council area of Brisighella. This locality rises about three kilometres before Fognano that is made up of two built up areas, Strada Casale and Casale with its parish church dedicated to Santo (and Pope) Stefano. The current sacred place that replaced the ancient church and dating back to the nineteenth century is not large and of a classical style.

Its interior contains three altars. The first altar has a Nativity scene, the second is dedicated to the “Madonna of Tears” and the third is dedicated to Jesus the Nazarene (with a sculpture by the nineteenth century artists Ballanti and Graziani from Faenza). At the side of the church is a massive bell tower, maybe the remains of an ancient tower.

In the year 1371 the locality was called “Casale del Pré” and was the “Villa” or “Schola” linked with “Angugnano” with 12 hearths (84 inhabitants). Cavina wrote that in this location there once existed a castle of which there no trace and therefore its precise position is unknown.

In 1573 the apostolic visitor Marchesini also noted the existence of an ancient “Hospitale di Sant’Antonio” for the infirm and pilgrims. Of particular importance is the discovery not many years ago of a villa or roman “village” of the sixth century. This is another precise confirmation that roman domination marked a large part of the History of these places.

Years ago the Superintendence of Monuments organized a program of excavations that found items such as coins and the remains of amphorae, all preserved at Palazzo Mazzolani at Faenza awaiting a permanent display.

Piero Malpezzi

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