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The 100Km del Passatore plans the future of running events with HOKA ONE ONE - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

The 100Km del Passatore plans the future of running events with HOKA ONE ONE

The 100Km del Passatore plans the future of running events with HOKA ONE ONE



The 100Km del Passatore plans the future of running events with HOKA ONE ONE


The 100Km del Passatore plans the future of running events with HOKA ONE ONE. At the Italian 100km road championship, assigned to the 100km del Passatore – Special Edition, and held on Saturday 22 May at the Imola racetrack, a new era has begun in the field of public dissemination of running races. The historic competition, in fact, moved from its original path, from Florence to Faenza, and redesigned one-off on the circuit due to the restrictions of the beginning of the year, was the protagonist of an unprecedented experiment of sharing its full development on live social networks.

For the first time in Italy, fans were able to follow the entire course of the race, from the start to the final awards ceremony, taking advantage of the 9-hour live broadcast of technical insights and comments from guests from the “living room” set up in the pits of the racetrack. and conducted by Daniele Menarini. The microphones were alternated with guests of the caliber, among others, of the Nordic Ski Olympian Federico Pellegrino, the ultra-trailer Franco Collé, the reigning Italian trail champion Giuditta Turini.

The athletic trainer Fulvio Massini commented on the various stages of the competition, assisted by the report of the speaker Danny Frisoni. The creators of RunLovers, Sandro Siviero and Martino Pietropoli, have conducted an entertainment space in the informal and engaging style typical of their community. The live broadcast was made available on a network of Facebook pages and on the OASport.it website thanks to the web TV Sport2u.tv., A site on which the live broadcast recorded over 632 thousand views overall, to which the hundreds of thousands collected on the network of Facebook pages involved.

“Since the first cancellations of physical competitions, we began to ask ourselves how digital could contribute to making the world of sporting events more in line with the new dynamics of communication” – says Simone Ponziani CEO of Artcrafts International, exclusive distributor for Italy of HOKA ONE ONE – “At Imola we think we have seen a valid answer to that question: quality footage, expert commentary, rich extras and entertainment. All easily available and live. With the 100Km del Passatore – Special Edition the future of events has begun and we are proud that this will benefit all fans ”.

A live broadcast lasting over 9 hours that represented an unprecedented challenge for the media panorama of Italian sport. “In terms of production, the goal was to make the user experience as pleasant and interesting as possible, without technical flaws that could alienate fans from this new way of enjoying sport” – says Franco Culcasi of Sport2u.tv, executive producer of the event – “An objective that has been fully achieved thanks to a high-level team-working, a new generation approach to the project and above all the unprecedented fusion of several technologies”.

“The Association thanks all those who collaborated and worked to make the event more spectacular and visible” – says the historic race director of Passatore, Commendatore Pietro “Pirì” Crementi, adding – “The ASD thanks the participants of the Special Edition and all the sportsmen who in the 48 years of the event have made the 100 km del Passatore important in the world of ultramarathons. Thanks also goes to the municipal administration of Faenza who wanted to enrich our event by giving recognition to the Faenza people who have completed the 100 km Italian Championship. With the certainty of returning to the original Florence – Faenza route, welcoming again all racing enthusiasts a goodbye and a cordial greeting “.

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