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ERRANO - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza


Errano – km 94,5 – Refreshment N° 21

Church of Madonna del Rosario of Erranno already exists in 1141. Rebuilt in 1783 on probable design of Arch. G.B.Campidori.

A few kilometres from the ancient parish of Quartolo, but in the municipality of Faenza, is today the populous hamlet of Errano, a significant Center. Its population is very active in the world of agriculture. On the left coming from Faenza the parish church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, a harmonious building in its structures, nineteenth-century invoice where inside were preserved a number of works of art. Of note in this locality “Villa Ferniani”, an ancient and noble family, once famous for its ceramics factories of high artistic level; still in the villa is preserved a collection of ceramic artifacts of great value.

Piero Malpezzi

The Church of s. Apollinare in Castel Raniero documented in 1261 and rebuilt in 1769 and in 1907 that it sees at the top on the left

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