× Ritorna la 49^ edizione della 100km del Passatore - 25-26 maggio 2024
MASSAGE - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza


Massage Points – n. 10 – Borgo San Lorenzo, Razzuolo, Colla di Casaglia, Casaglia, Marradi, San Cassiano, Fognano, Brisighella, Errano, Faenza (gym “Cavallerizza”)
Coordination by Misericordie of Area Fiorentina

CRI Faenza

Istituto di Scienze Manuali

This year the 100km del Passatore will once more avail itself of the collaboration of the Institute of Manual Sciences of the University of Bologna and its practitioners of Sports Massage. These practitioners, trained by the school of Bologna, will perform post Race treatments (such as muscle relaxation massage, drainage bandages, etc) to the athletes of the 100km on their arrival in Faenza. For those who wish to know more about the training of practitioners of Sports Massage we wish to remind readers that they can contact Dr. Maurizio Mauli, Chief of Training of the Institute of Manual Sciences on (+39) 328 4117 432, or by visiting the Institute’s website www.scienzemanuali.it.

Integratori e prodotti per fisioterapia

For the second year Kiron has renewed its collaboration with the 100km del Passatore. There will be massage stations where products developed by the mobile clinic will assist all the participants.

The creams used will be CREAM K and OIL K extracted from Arnica Montana to give the best results to the manual work.

On arrival our collaborators will make use of EEtidis, an anti inflammatory cream which takes advantage of the natural salicycates and devil’s claw to help recover from muscle contraction and Triton which, thanks to the properties of Glucosamine, devil’s claw and 6 essential oils, has the quality of refreshing and draining the muscle to work off lactic acid.

In addition, to the more serious cases of muscular fatigue and of distortions will be applied packs of Argea.

Gym Cavallerizza – rest room, shower, massage

Nino Vignini – DOC volunteer. Many years of service to atlets, until 2012, the year of his death.


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