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PASSO DELLA COLLA DI CASAGLIA - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza


Passo della Colla di Casaglia – km 48,5 – Refreshment N° 11


We find an old, abandoned hotel just before we reach the summit which reminds us of summer holidays of long ago by well-to-do families and the wealthy that came up from the plains of Florence and the Mugello to breath the salubrious morning breeze and to drink the clear pure spring water from its strong eternal source. They climbed up in landaus and in carriages, in post cars and in coaches, in gigs and in buggies, means of travel that are now museum pieces but that for centuries defined the daily viability of our lands.

We are now at the peak of Passo della Colla, on a road laid out and then enlarged in the full strength of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany under the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine. A decorous building now used as a hotel and trattoria delimits the two road, the one to the left going towards Prato dell’Albero and to the Passo della Faggeta for Palazzuolo sul Senio and the one to the right towards the last small gathering of buildings in the Council area of Borgo San Lorenzo before entering the lands of Marradi Cassiglia.

Aldo Giovannini

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