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Ronta – km 38 – Refreshment N° 9

Villa del Poggio Santa Maria a Puliciano

We see gracefully apear the refined and delicate summer residence preferred by the English in the nineteenth century for its salubrious waters and clean air (420m above sea level). Birthplace of poets (Pananti), painters (Gordigiani), musicians (Mendellsohn), doctors (Gatti), priests (Stefaneschi) this small rural town holds in store many beautiful and significant surprises, such as its Villas: Striano, Fabbiano, Poggio, Piazza and Fondaccio. Home to nobles and ancient families (Pananti – Moretti – Liccioli – Gerini – Sacchetti – Eldmann and others) that have places in the history of the Mugello in general and Ronta in particular. They gave a precise character to this small town at the feet of the Passo della Colla where an old adage tells us that “who goes to Ronta will return there”.

Santa Maria a Puliciano San Michele a Ronta Panorama Chiesa Vecchia

Before leaving the birthplace of the poet Pananti (1766 – 1814) we’re greeted by the two high bell towers of the Chiesa della Badia di San Michele, once the Abbey Valombrosana, and that of the even higher Chiesa Vecchia built at the turn of the first millennium where on the wall to the right an old stone sundial with the specific date of 1634 is still visible.

The road shrinks once more for barely two kilometers before reaching firstly a still functional old mill on the river Ensa with its millstones.

Panorama Chiesa Vecchia

SANTUARIO DELLA MADONNA DEI TRE FIUMI- Named for the confluence of three streams at this very spot, two of them branches of the river Ensa and that of the Farfareta. The building dates back to 1579 on the very spot where there was once a tabernacle to the Madonna with an icon that assumed vivid appearance with her gaze turned towards some women in prayer. Its current layout with a portico, three internal naves delimited by arches goes back to 1705. Towering over the central altar is a fresco of the Madonna and child, the destination of many pilgrimages.

Aldo Giovannini

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