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RENATO CAVINA - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza


renato cavina

Renato Cavina was a master of journalism and, among other things, creator of the “100km del Passatore. He was very well known and appreciated in Faenza, not only for his work as a journalist which began in 1946 and became official in 1955, but also for his commitment to Faenza’s international relations with the Twin Cities Association of our city which began in the 1960s and continued until his death at 79 on March 2, 2010.
Renato Cavina was particularly appreciated in the world of sport for having been an authentic promoter of sport through journalism. In his more than 50 years of journalism he worked with many publications, sporting and non, as well as the sport section of important daily newspapers.He wrote for many newspapers including “Stadio”, “Il Messaggero”, “Avanti!”, “Paese Sera”, “La Voce Adriatica”, Il Gazzettino”, “Il Messaggero Veneto”, “Il Giornale di Vicenza”, “La Voce del Popolo” (the Italian language newspaper of Rijeka”), as well as for “La Gazzetta dello Sport” which in 2001 awarded him a silver medal for his career. The important agencies to which he contributed included the Associated Press, Reuters, United Press, France Presse and ANSA. To these must also be added many important sporting events such as the Race for Peace (Prague-Berlin-Warsaw), the amateur Giro d’Italia, the Giro of the Regions (he was the only journalist to cover all the editions of the international cycling event for amateurs), the World Wrestling Championships (and other international events in this sport). Cavina also covered many other international events in professional cycling, shooting sports, football and other sports.
In 1973, Cavina together with his colleague Carlo Raggi and the late Alteo Dolcini and Francesco Calderoni created the 100km del Passatore for which he was the first press officer. His journalistic activities were always undertaken with a passion and professionalism that honoured the city of Faenza and also gave great attention to the Youth and the educational values of sport for the growth of future generations. This commitment was recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee when it awarded him its Gold Star of Merit. In 1994 he was honoured in the city’s annual “Faentino sotto la Torre” award and being declared sporting journalist of the year in 2001.

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