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Faenza, May 9 2014.



Presentation in Faenza of the 42nd “Passatore” at the Banca di Romagna


The presentation of this year’s race saw contributions by Francesco Pinoni, area representative for the Banca di Romagna-Gruppo Cassa di Cesena, Giovanni Malpezzi, the Mayor of Faenza,  Giordano Zinzani, President of the Wine Consortium of Romagna and Elio Ferri, President of the “100km”. Amongst the enrolments are 85 foreign athletes from 26 countries and 257 female athletes. This year’s favourites are the 8 times winner Giorgio Calcaterra, the Ukrainian Glyva, Achmueller from the Alto Adige region for the male section and Ceretto from the Liguria region and the Croatian Jurisic for the female section.


The presentation of the 42nd edition of the “Florence-Faenza” was made in the meeting room of the Banca di Romagna, partner of the 100km del Passatore. This year the race will also be an official round of the 3rd Italian national CSEN Championship in the specialty of Nordic Walking. The ultra marathon, is organized by the association from Faenza with the collaboration of the administrations of the local councils of Faenza and Florence, the Province of Ravenna, the Wine Consortium of Ravenna, the Society of the Passatore, UOEI, ADMO, CSEN, the local councils of Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella, and also benefits from partnerships with the Banca di Romagna, Banca CR odi Firenze, Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di risparmio di Faenza, Antarex, Coop Adriatica, Friliever-Bracco, Decathlon, Gruppo Hera, Moreno Motor Company, Natura Nuova and, as the race technical sponsor, Saucony.

The press conference saw the participation, amongst others of Franceso Pinoni, area representative for the Banca di Romagna – Gruppo Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena, Giovanni Malpezzi, the Mayor of Faenza,  Giordano Zinzani, President of the Wine Consortium of Romagna. All the contributors not only emphasized the sporting, technical and competitive nature of the “Florence-Faenza”, but they also reaffirmed as always its social value, especially as an event that links the two Cities of Art and their respective regions with their cultural and economic traditions. As is well known, the “Passatore” continues to be the ultra marathon with the greatest tradition and prestige amongst the 151 hundred kilometer races around the world and is also a means of promotion of foot racing, the environment and for furthering good international relations. This is confirmed by the high number of enrolments over the last five years. Fifteen days before the event (which will begin at 3.00pm on Saturday May 24th from via Dé Calzaiuoli in Florence) there are 2,035 athletes enrolled (in 2013 there were 1,782) with the possibility for other athletes to enroll until Thursday May 15th.

Amongst the enrolments are 1,110 members of FIDAL, 265 female athletes and 85 foreign athletes from 26 countries outside Italy. These countries are Australia, Austria, Belgium, Capoverde (with its whole national team), Canada, Croatia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Peru, Roumania, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerand, the United States, the Ukraine and Vietnam. The distribution of the numbers and the runners packs will begin at the Association’s offices at Via Cavour 7, Faenza from Monday May 19th next from 9.30am til 7.00pm until Thursday 22nd and on Friday 23rd the distribution will finish at 1.00pm. On Race Day, Saturday May 24th distribution of the remaining numbers and runners’ packs will begin at 10.30am at the association’s gazebo in Piazza degli Strozzi in Florence.

This year’s favourites? Naturally the first named is Giorgio Calcaterra, winner of the last eight editions, also holder of the fastest race time (6:25:46) and world champion for the distance who enrolled a few days ago after a period of doubt due to an annoying sciatic problem. The next favourite is last year’s second placed Evgenii Glyva from the Ukraine, Hermann Achmueller from the Alto Adige region of Italy (3rd in 2013). We also wish to point out thatflagbearer for the Capoverde team Adilson Fortes Spencer Varela (3rd in 2012), Daniele Palladino from Reggio Emilia (2nd in 2012) and the Venetian Marco Boffo ((4th in 2012). Amongst the female athletes the favourites are Sonia Ceretto from Genoa (2nd in 2011) and the Croatian Veronika Jurisic. Mention must also be made of Marco Serasini from Brisighella (4th in 2013), Massimo Poggiolini from Tredozio (7th) and Massimo Tramacenere from Forlimpopoli(15th), all three from the Romagna region, then Silvano Beatrici (5th) from the Trento region and the Tuscan Enrico Bertolini from Limiti dell’Arno (16th, but in 2012). Of the other athletes enrolled in the race we wish to point out Walter Fagnoni from Verona the race veteran with 40 races completes who last year finished in 1,362nd place with a time of 17h52’40” who will start his 41st race in 42 editions at the ripe old age of 89, and also Natalina Masiero (with 31 races completed who finished last year in 779th place, 78th amongst the females in a time of 13h31’11”).

We confirm that the progress of the athletes will be controlled by the FIDAL judges who will use the usual microchips. There will be six mobile and fixed positions for checking the microchips to ensure the regular running of the event by the participants.

Finally, as regards the prizes for the “Hundred”, not only will there be the traditional prizes for the first finishers, there will also be recognition of the best times, male and female, for the running teams, , the “Francesco Calderoni” Trophy, awarded by UOEI for the GPM to the runner who first reaches the Passo della Colla (at the 43rd km and 913m above sea level) who then goes on to complete the race, a prize for the best first time racer awarded by the Sporting Group of the “Hundred”, as well as the “Elio Assirelli” Trophy, in memory of the Association founder who passed away imn 2009, for the first place female athlete.

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