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PRESS RELEASE N. 21 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



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As always the work carried out by the volunteers and their associations was extraordinary, without forgetting the Misericordie AF and the Italian Red Cross

The 44th edition of the 100km del Passatore which once more assigned this year’s Italian national and masters titles for Fidal for 100km road racing was held on May 28th and 29th last with the traditional 3.00pm start in Florence and finish at Faenza’s Piazza del Popolo. The race was won by the legend from Rome Giorgio Calcaterra for the eleventh consecutive year and also saw a number of records broken such as enrolments (2,834), starters (2,655) and finishers 82,037) without forgetting the unprecedented third place overall by Nikolina Sustic from Croatia who won the female category for the second consecutive year.

L’Asd 100 Km del Passatore expresses its sincerest thanks to the Local Councils of Florence, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella and Faenza for their hospitality and cooperation, as well as the regional government of Tuscany for making available a special train for the athletes from Faenza to Florence on the morning of Saturday May 28th. Special thanks also goes to the Municipal Police of Fanenza for its service of controlling the race route from the Fiesole to Faenza and the Polizia Stradale of Faenza for their traffic control in the section of road in the Province of Ravenna.

Praiseworthy as always was the work carried out by the Civil Protection bodies of Faenza and Florence in supplying security and comfort for the event, as well as the medical assistance of the Misericordie of Florence and the Italian Red Cross of Faenza. Heartfelt thanks also go to the paramedical personnel along the whole of the race route, to the untiring work of the professional medical masseurs of the Local Medical bodies who looked after the runners with the utmost dedication.

As usual the work carried out by the volunteers and all their associations was extraordinary and carried out with great heart and commitment for the good of the race thus allowing the world’s most beautiful and craziest race to go into the archives for the 44th time in its History.

In addition, the support supplied by the event’s sponsors was fundamental and for this we also thank the Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena-Banca di Romagna, Friliver-Bracco, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Gruppo Hera, Caviro, Moreno Motor Company, Decathlon, Natura Nuova and the technical sponsor Saucony.

Finally a big thank you must go to the many runners for their participation and commitment and to all the people passionate fans that thronged the race route supporting and encouraging the fearless runners involved in the Florence to Faenza.

In the year of records some of the runners unfortunately did not behave in a sporting manner and “stained” an event that was in any case extraordinary. Obviously Fidal is carrying out the due investigations in such a manner as to ensure that such sad episodes do not occur again in the future and inviting the athletes involved in these unfair acts to behave in a sporting manner and also advising those found guilty that they will no longer be allowed to take part in the Florence-Faenza.

Further updates can be found on the website of the 100 Km del Passatore (http://www.100kmdelpassatore.it/) and the social media such as Twitter and Facebook           @100kmpassatore.           

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