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1 classificatoThe judging panel of the competition for the design of the medal for the 44th “100km del Passatore” (May 28th – 29th, 2016) met on April 3rd at Faenza’s  “Torricelli – Ballardini” Artistic High School where they declared that the winning design was that of Gabriel Bazo Briceno (Class 2A). (Picture of Raffaele Tassinari)

This year’s themes were directed at the two great events of the year, the Olympic Games and the Jubilee which appeal to the fundamental themes that go beyond differences of race, colour, creed, or customs. The “jury” was coordinated by Marco Tadolini and Luce Tasselli from the high school who did not cast a vote and was comprised of Giordano Zinzani, President of the 100km del Passatore, as well as his Vice President, Lorenzo Leoncavallo, Viola Valentini, Art and ceramics historian and coordinator of the Its course since 2015, Race Director Pietro Crementi and Pietro Ravagli, ceramicist and President of the “Association of the ex-students of the Ballardini”.

The panel carefully examined the entries by the high school students of artistic design (ceramics section) and after having assessed the treatment of this year’s themes, execution and originality of the work unanimously voted the design by Gabriel Bazo Bricena as that most suitable for this year’s medal.

The motivation states that “The iconography relating to the themes to be treated is transformed into a work where every element is clearly identifiable. The final technical representation, of high quality, shows well integrated mastery of execution, even for a person of such a young age”.

The second prize went to Noemi Martini, also of Class 2A whose design showed an “excellent portraiture of the chosen subjects where each element is part of a clear, legible composition with great detail”.

Third prize went to Silvia del Pane of Class 2B whose entry showed “beautiful dynamic poses of the subjects in a space free of borders with high quality graphics and design in an iconographic composition not without ironic cues”.

The panel also made special mention of Andrea Martino (2A), Erika Casadio (2A) and Martina Diversi (2B) for the originality and quality of execution of their entries.

The choice of the medals for the design of the t-shirt and diploma was left to the race organizers from the entries indicated and others considered most suitable for the graphic presentation.

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