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Press release n. 6 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

Press release n. 6

Press release n. 6

Faenza, April 11th, 2016




 April 15th is the last day of enroment for the 75 Euro fee

Salita FiesoleThe work for the 44th 100km del Passatore (May 28th and 28th, 2016) is proceeding unceasingly. This year the event will once again assign the FIDAL National Italian titles for the specialty of 100 km road racing. Enrolments already exceed 2,100.

In addition to record man “King Giorgio” Calcaterra, we also point out as favourites Marco Turri, Raffaello Villa (22nd in 2015) and Mirko Gurioli (17th last year) and in the female category Marija Vrazic (25th in 2915 and winner in 2013 and 2014) and Alexandra Heiml from Austria. There are also currently 7 enrolments in the “Nordic Walking” and 8 in the category of the diversely qualified athletes.

We remind athletes interested in enrolling that they have until April 15th in which the fee will still be € 75.00, after which it will rise to € 95.00 from April 16th until May 18th, the final day for enrolments.

The groups with the highest number of enrolments in the Florence – Faenza ultra marathon are the Vittorio Veneto Marathon School (26), the Podistica Solidarietà groups (25), Podistica Misericordia Aglianese 1980(22) and the Happy Runners Club (21).

Italy’s most important ultra marathon confirms once more its international status with athletes from 24 countries (Albania, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Malta, Perù, Republic of San Marino, Russia, Singapore, Slovenia, Switzerland and the United States).

The Asd 100 Km del Passatore continues to enjoy the collaboration of the Società del Passatore, Uoei, Admo, Cai and the  Wine Consortium of Romagna, as well as that of the Local Councils of Faenza, Florence, Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi and Brisighella and the Provincial Governments of Ravenna and Florence, in addition to the support of its partners the Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena-Banca di Romagna, Friliver-Bracco, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Gruppo Hera, Moreno Motor Company, Decathlon, Natura Nuova and the technical sponsor Saucony.

April 24th has been confirmed for the 10th edition of the “Spring Trophy” foot race. The race, organized in collaboration with the Circolo Pier Giorgio Frassati and 44th Spring Sagra at Pieve Corleto (Faenza). The event will involve two laps of a course that will include the church of Corleto with its thousand year old crypt and the church of Basiago. The “Tommaso Rondinini” Memorial Trophy, named in memory of a friend and colleague of the Sporting Group of the 100km del Passatore, will be assigned to the winning male and female athletes.

As well as the traditional medical-sanitary assistance for the length of the course, at the end of their run the runners will find the refreshments organized and staffed by the Quadrifoglio agri-turismo and there will also be a rich culinary stand from the Sagra.

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