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PRESS RELEASE N. 9 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



Faenza, May 2nd, 2016


Work-school Project between the Torricelli High School and the Asd 100 Km del Passatore


Less than a month from the 100km del Passatore there are more than 2,400 enrolments


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On the occasion of the 44th edition of the 100km del Passatore (May 28-29 next), the organizers have set the objective of involving the highest number of institutions, residents and areas covered by the race as possible by sharing the experience of the “world’s most beautiful ultra marathon” with an ever increasing number of passionate athletes from Italy and around the world, as well as making known and increasing appreciation of our lands beyond the regional boundaries.

To this end the organizers propose using not only the traditional channels of promotion, but also the instruments available online such as Twitter and Instagram with the wish of involving as many of the younger generations as possible so that the tradition of the 100km del Passatore con be lived, appreciated and passed down through the years.

This year the organization in addition to its website and Facebook page will aim at the passionate ultra marathon runners also on Twitter and has opened an Instagram account to tell the story of the race although through images via the address @100km for both the social pages and with the hashtag #100kmpassatore to be used to chat live with the online community.

Thanks to the “direct Twitter of the race” initiative anybody will be able the whole of the race, noting online the race positions, the overtaking, the anecdotes and will be able to tell the story of the racing through the images posted on Instagram.

It is in this context that the organizers of the 100km del Passatore and the “Torricellli-Ballardini” High School of Faenza within the field of the school-work in rotation programme of the “Good School” Project set up under recent Italian legislation reforming the national scholastic system. This programme establishes a set number of hours to be taken over two scholastic years and in the final year of school.

This collaboration with the students will occur in all the activities during the race which, for example, will involve the presence of young students at the race start, at the refreshment stations, at the finish line and the medal ceremonies.

Some of the students will be involved online during the event in a project by Digital Communications, which is divided into three parts. A phase of training in the class room on the basic use of the current three social channels (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), how to Twitter live and how to work together during the event. For the latter students will be present along the race course for live tweeting of the developments and of photos, as well as in the piazzas of Florence and Faenza. In addition, they will be present in the cities themselves and at various strategic points of the race (the radio station, refreshment points, massages stations and the check points) so as to give the race direct coverage from many points. Local councils along the race route will support the live coverage by making available their Wi-Fi networks at Borgo San Lorenzo, Casaglia, Marradi and San Cassiano.

We also wish to remind the public that there is a strong passionate community of the Florence-Faenza presently online within which are also gathered together all the ultra marathon runners who for one reason or another cannot take part in the 44th edition of the “Passatore”. Thanks to the new initiatives tied to the social media all these users will be able to participate in the race by retwitting and commenting on Twitter, as well as making comments on the photos posted on Instagram.

As of today “Passatore 2016” which will assign the FIDAL Italian national titles in the category of 100k road racing has over 2,400 athletes enrolled of which more than 2,300 are members of FIDAL, 10 physically challenged athletes 19 enrolled in the CSEN open national titles for “Nordic Walking” and more than 300 female athletes. In addition, about 30 countries are represented by nearly 70 athletes.

At the present time, the racing groups with the highest number of enrolments on the Florence-Faenza ultra marathon are the Happy Runners Club (32), Podistica Solidarietà (29), A.S.D. Barletta Sportiva (27) the Vittorio Veneto School of Marathon (26) and the Podistica Misericordia Aglianese 1980 group (22).

In the 100km del Passatore you are the protagonist! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @100kmpassatore and take part in the live coverage on Twitter and Instagram using #100kmpassatore.

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