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PRESS RELEASE NO. 15 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



Faenza, May 19, 2014.



Sponsors, associations and services guaranteed by more than 500 people

Five days from the start of the 42nd 100km del Passatore from Florence to Faenza on May 24th and 25th next, the staff is working at full pace to ensure as always the best event organization possible for the race and the services connected to it.

In order to make his support felt for the associations, volunteers and services involved Elio Ferri, President of the Association 100km del Passatore, on behalf of the Association and Consortium of Wines of the Romagna, the Society of the Passatore, UOEI, ADMO and CSEN “thanks the FIDAL, the council administrations of Florence and Faenza for their support for the race, and also extends these thanks to the local councils of Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella for their collaboration and for the patronage of event’s partner the – Banca di Romagna- Gruppo Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena, Banca CR di Firenze, Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di risparmio di Faenza, Antarex, Coop Adriatica, Friliever-Bracco, Decathlon, Gruppo Hera, Moreno Motor Company, Natura Nuova and, as the race technical sponsor, Saucony for their indispensable support.”

“A big thank you must also go,” continued Ferri, to the more than 500 hundred volunteers and their organizations involved in a wide range of activities who with passion and spirit of sacrifice give their time freely to ensure the success of the “100”. Its success is possible thanks to their contribution above all, as well as that of the athletes both professional and amateur who participate in a race that is unique in its genre and of undoubted appeal.”

Particular note must be made to those who guarantees the race supervision, the refreshments to the athletes (22 station along the route and a mini station at the gym of the ex-Cavalerizza at the race finish) and the associated services. The “100km” benefits from the precious work of: ADMO Faenza (race start), coordiantionof activities in the Florence area by the Confraternity delle Misericordie, Red Cross Faenza and the school for the non medical sanitary workers of Faenza (sanitary service and emergenzy radio), the Provincial Police of Florence, the Municipal Police of Florence, Fiesole, Borgo S. Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella, Faenza, Associazione nazionale carabinieri – Sezione “Cimmarrusti” of Borgo San Lorenzo e National Association of Retired Carabinieri and Alpini of Marradi (public order), Centre for Inter Council Civil Protection of Mugello (welcome services at Passo Colla  and radio network), the Provincial Civil Protection Service ofFlorence (for the supply of water at Olmo), Civil Protection Service of Faenza and the Society of the Passatore (for the setting up of tents and services at Piazza del Popolo), Cooperativa Evoluzioni web (for the supply of data elaboration services), Championchip Sdam – Sport data management (timing services and data elaboration), Linguistico  High School “Torricelli” of Faenza (interpreter services), Photosprint Cesenatico (photographic servicesse), Local Council of Faenza – for the “Ivo Badiali” Gym (ex Cavallerizza) and the Istitute of Manual sciences of Bologna (rest room, showers and sports massage service).

In addition there are contributions from: the Mountain Community of the Mugello, and CAI of Faenza. The “100” also acknowledges the contributions of the following sporting groups: Alfonsine Ski Club, Polisportiva Fratellanza Popolare Valle del Mugnone, Gs Maiano, Atletica Marciatori Mugello, Circolo Lo Stradone Panicaglia, Pro Loco Ronta, Circolo Arci Razzuolo, Associazione Costes Rifugio Casaglia, Ss Crespino, Us Biforco, Misericordia Marradese, Club Sportivo Culturale Marradese. Last but not least we acknowledge the contributions of the Pro Loco Marradi, Associazione S. Adriano 2005, Camino Verde S. Cassiano and the Parish Councils of Fognano and Errano and of the Gpa of Brisighella.

Finally, President Ferri extended his best wishes to the athletes who, “competing in the ‘100’, discover its sporting spirit and also the cultural and social qualities of our community in a metaphor of life that makes the race unique and inimitable.”

“The athletes that compete in the race,” concluded Ferri, “first of all put themselves into play, challenging themselves, just as happens every day of our lives. They believe. And we with them. See you at Florence and, above all, see you in Faenza.”

The long afternoon and evening of the “100” begins on Saturday May 24th at 6.00pm at Piazza del Popolo of Faenza with commentary by the official speakers Danny Frisoni and Daniele Menarini, backed up by the images displayed on the maxi screen and with a direct radio commentary by Radio RCB. There will also services by the RAI, Italy’s national broadcaster, local TV stations and web TV.

The musical entertainment will begin at 7.00pm in Piazza del Popolo with “Giorgio e le sue Magiche frusta” and in the nearby viale Marconi with “Last kilometer”, musical animation by Luca Piazza. There will also be a food stand by Faenza’s Rione Rosso community group.

There will also be a number of award ceremonies from the “Handbike” categaory of race athletes (6.45pm) to the relay teams of the “Faenza San Rocco” Comprehensive Institute at 8.00pm, the “Torricelli” High School of Faenza and the “Paolini” Institute of Imola at 8.30pm and for the 50 x 1,000 race organized by the CSI and the Gioca Faenza Tantisport at 9.30pm.

The arrival of the race winner is expected for about 9.45pm.

Finally, on Sunday May 25th at 10.30am there will be the official medal ceremonies for the race winners, male and female and for the various race categories. In addition, there will be the award ceremony for the three stages of the 6th edition of the Romagna Triple, which comprises the Marathon of the Lamone, 50kn of Romagna and the 100km of the Passatore.

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