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There are eight days to go before the 42 ^ 100 Km of the Passatore - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

There are eight days to go before the 42 ^ 100 Km of the Passatore

There are eight days to go before the 42 ^ 100 Km of the Passatore

Faenza, May 16, 2014.



 Eight days from the start of the 42nd 100Km del Passatore



Amongst them 297 females and about a hundred from 28 foreign countries

Eight days from the start /Saturday May 24th at 3.00pm from Florence’s via dé Calzaiuoli the number of athletes enrolled have reached 2,174 to the 100kn del Passatore (129 more than the 2013 edition) which will run its 42nd edition and is valid as a round of the 2014 CSEN Italian National Championship. It is the new record for enrolments since the year 2000. Amongst these are 297 female runners and about a hundred from 28 different countries (the latest from Argentina and Morocco). There is not yet a definitive number of participants as the Association is still awaiting the final enrolments.

There will be more than 800 athletes running the “100” for the first time. Many of the runners also belong to sporting groups from every part of Italy. The biggest of these groups are: Runners Bergamo (with 31 enrolments), Happy Runner Club Milano, Podistica Solidarietà Roma and Barletta Sportive ( with 16 enrolments each), Marathon Club Oristano, Runners Barberino del Mugello ans ASD 100km del Passatore  Faenza (13 runners each), Lamone Russi (12 runners), Pier Sport Padova and Roma Road Club (11 runners each), Atletic 84 Faenza, Pico Runners Mirandola, Avis Forlí and Podistica Ponte Scandicci (10 runners each). The handing over of the numbers will begin at the Association offices at via Cavour, 7 Faenza from Monday May 19th to Thursday May 22nd from 9.30am – 1.00pm and Friday May 23rd handing over will end at 1.00pm. On race day the remaining numbers will begin at 10.30am  at the Association’s tent at Piazza degli Strozzi in Florence.

 The programme for the schools’ participation has been confirmed.  The programme will begin on race day Saturday May 24th, the day of the 100km del Passatore with a relay by the students of Faenza’s “Torricelli” High School and their peers of the “Cassiano Paolini” Superior institute of Imola with the approximately 300 students, teachers and assistants from these schools. The relay will begin at 8.30am from Piazza della Signoria in Florence and should arrive in Piazza del Popolo in Faenza at about 8.30pm. In addition, the “Family Race” of more than 120 people between students and parents from the lower, medium and lower high school of the “San Rocco” Comprehensive Institute of Faenza should depart from Marradi at 4.00pm. These runners should arrive at Piazza del Popolo at 8.00pm.  Finally, the historic “50 x 1,000” relay race with the participation of 50 students from lower high schools from the area promoted by Gioca Faenza Tantisport and CSI will leave from Passo della Colla di Casaglia at 4.45pm and should arrive in Faenza at 9.30pm.

 As regards the participation of the schools, special mention must be made of the interpreters’ service for the foreign athletes provided by the linguistics students of the above mentioned “Torricelli” High School of Faenza. Furthermore, there will be the sport’s massage service at th “Ivo Badiali” Gym ( the former Cavallerizza) provided Faenza Local Council with the collaboration of the students of the Institute of Manual Sciences of Bologna, as well as the operators of the school.

 The world’s most beautiful “100”  is organized as always by the association from Faenza with the collaboration of the administrations of the local councils of Faenza and Florence, the Province of Ravenna, the Wine Consortium of Ravenna, the Society of the Passatore, UOEI, ADMO, CSEN, the local councils of Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo, Marradi, Brisighella, and also benefits from partnerships with the Banca di Romagna, Banca CR odi Firenze, Fondazione Banca del Monte e Cassa di risparmio di Faenza, Antarex, Coop Adriatica, Friliever-Bracco, Decathlon, Gruppo Hera, Moreno Motor Company, Natura Nuova and, as the race technical sponsor, Saucony.

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