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THE 100 KM OF THE PASSATORE IS COMING - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza




The spirit of adventure that in all of us runners is enhanced during the preparation for the legendary 100 km of the Passatore.

It was May 1976 when my first article appeared in the 5th issue of the Podismo magazine written by Nerio Neri. The theme was, not even to do it on purpose, the 100 km of the Passatore and I remember that I was just about how to train for the running event that unites Tuscany to Romagna. Nice memories.

But let’s get to today. In less than a month many of you will want to get to Faenza, passing through Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo, Ronta, La Madonna dei Tre Fiumi, Razzuolo, Passo Colla and then go down to Crispino, Brisighella and arrive with raised arms in Piazza del Popolo in Faenza.

This is undoubtedly the most delicate period of preparation. The doubt that plagues many 100ists is when to make the last long one.

The best moment I saw was 3 weeks before the race. In fact, I recommend running the last long Saturday, May 7 or Sunday 8. Don’t worry, you will be able to recover it. You will have plenty of time available.

Another problem to solve is the length of this workout. The ideal distance varies between 60 and 70 km maximum. This time, contrary to the long facts previously, you will have to run the km in one solution, without breaking the training into two or three parts. It will be important to choose the track that must be as similar as possible to that of the 100 km and must therefore include ups and downs. Get used to running slowly and don’t hesitate to walk the steepest part of the climb. Remember that from Fiesole to Passo delle Croci (518 asl) the road is all slightly uphill, so don’t be fooled.


Take a look at the panorama which is very beautiful. On your left you will see the Valle del Mugnone. Around here I was born and therefore I run there all my life.

After the Madonna dei tre Fiumi and after Razzuolo you will find steep sections, do not hesitate to walk.

Gara-Passatore1 (1)

I recommend leaving at 15 in order to try feeding before departure. It can be a mistake to eat too close to departure and not to have breakfast. Difficult to say a specific time. Everyone has their own digestion times and must get to know each other.

After this very long you will have to reduce the km. Two weeks after the race, do 20-25 km and then you will have to do less and less km. The Sunday before the race, you will have to run 10-12 km. Whoever did the last one on May 1st will have to do an aerobic endurance run by running another 30-35 km. Good luck to the 100 km.

                                                                                                                             Fulvio Massini




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