× Ritorna la 49^ edizione della 100km del Passatore - 25-26 maggio 2024
ATLETICA MARCIATORI MUGELLO - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza




For 40 years, the running group collaborates with the 100 km del Passatore. Borgo San Lorenzo is the first intermediate finish for athletes and is located at 32 km.

The route into the city:

Via Faentina, Ponte Europa Unita, Via Brocchi, Via San Martino, Via Pananti, Via Ulivi Giotto, Via Faentina

The services available:

first intermediate finish with the distribution of diplomas and medals for those who decided to stop, refreshment, bus n. 2 change of clothes, massages, medical point fixed; finish CSEN National Championship of Nordic Walking.

Also this year will be held on September 21, 2013 one of the “classic” Marathon: The 40° Edition of Marathon del Mugello.

Marathon very beautiful and strong, very unique in its kind, it also understands the words of one of its organizers:

“Towns and cities explode in their organizational size, fascinating events in fascinating city. Businness Big, huge publicity, but our Mugello stays there, pretty simple, in a beautiful landscape with a history family Medici, our illustrious countrymen with the Giotto da Bondone, Beato Angelico, Giovanni della Casa who are our ancestors. Against a backdrop of authenticity countrified with good preferences edible, surrounded by beautiful monuments of architecture one step from the legendary Florence. We are a small community with a Marathon great. THE MARATHON OF MUGELLO is the oldest in Italy, is one of the oldest in Europe and the world.

We are waiting. ” the late Franco Sargenti historical founder of the event


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