Sant’Eufemia – 78,5 km

A kilometer beyond San Cassiano in a picturesque natural cove near the river Lamone and a little before a level crossing of the same name, our eyes are drawn to the left by a massive bell tower similar to an ancient tower (even though it was built in 1923) and by a church called Sant’Eufemia.

The primitive church, of which we do not know its exact location, boasts ancient origins. In a document from 1097 this place is recorded as the “church of Sant’Eufemia  in the Vale of the Lamone”. In the “Ratione Decimarum” of 1291 it was already recorded as a dependence of the parish of San Giovanni in Ottavo. Marchesini records that in 1573 this community of barely 80 souls and that the baptisms were performed at the parish church of Pieve del Tho, the valley’s “Mother Church”.

Piero Malpezzi

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