Vetta le Croci – km 16,7 – Refreshment N° 4

Monastery of Montesenario Monastery of Montesenario

We are at the “Quattro Strade”, the summit of Le Croci (518m above sea level) on the regional road to Faenza which slowly melts into a slight decline per nearly twenty kilometers before reaching Borgo San Lorenzo in the middle of the Mugello, but this itinerary still reveals a treasury of artistic beauty, many tales mixing history with myth, somewhere between legend and truth that are lost in the mists of time.

In reality, after a few sweet curves, a steep hill surrounded by fields and spruce groves we see the outlines of the Monastery of Montesenario  set on an extraordinary panoramic location. The monastery was founded in 1233 by seven Florentine noblemen who after renouncing their belongings and privileges retired in silence and prayer to this magnificent place of silence where the panorama of the valley of Mugello is breathtaking.

The road stretches through soft inclines then the panorama contracts and the valley becomes tight between rocky spurs and centuries old oaks, old houses and ancient windmills before reaching the residential area of Polcanto.

Aldo Giovannini

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