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Each of us has a story to tell - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

Each of us has a story to tell

Each of us has a story to tell

Days have passed, days in which I have completely recovered physically, but my mind continues to relive some of the emotions felt during the magical night in which 2,000 runners decided to straddle the Apennines between Tuscany and the Romagna running along a road that at times seems long, even in a car.

Each one of us has a story to tell of something preceding that event. As far as I’m concerned it began almost as a game and a challenge. Two of us decided to try to jump into the noblest Marathon and participate in the 2013 Ravenna Marathon finishing with respectable times of 3hours 44 minutes and 3hours 42 minutes. As a result we decided to maintain the “length” running from 30 to 35 kilometres per month then in springtime we would see! And so it was.

The Marathon of Russi and the 50km of Romagna, both finished under 6minutes per km. How could we not think of undertaking the Triple of Romagna?

At this point the problems began. Yes, because my friend “broke down”, it seemed he could not make it and unfortunately so it proved. Instead, I began to think about what I would do.

The upcoming edition was not in fact my first experience in the “100”. In the long ago 1989 (I was 26 at the time) I retired at Marradi and in 1991 in even reached Ronta. Luckily the time between April 25th and May 24th passed quickly and before I knew it I found myself in Florence with the help of my friend who was more hurt in the soul than in the flesh. But as sometime happens Fate lent a hand!

I have long suffer from sciatica, but my left leg had never hurt so much. I said to myself, “It must be the emotion”  Who knows?

I have to admit that the fear of surrendering for the third time in three tries conditioned me somewhat, so much so that the pain came and went. I trotted along up to Borgo San Lorenzo (3hours 30 minutes) and then at an easy pace to the Passo della Colla (6hours). Before reaching the peak I was sure that I could not continue at that level of pain that I decided to take a painkiller despite myself. I don’t want to seem banal, but at that moment my Passatore began. The pain had diminished, not completely but the leg “held”.

Until then I had not extended myself, I was not tired and so I let myself go in an exhilarating nocturnal cavalcade in which we all seemed as many fireflies lost in the night and so, in this way I reached San Cassiano.

At that point I began to feel tired and, with the complicity of two blisters and my solitude in absolute in the middle of nowhere, I began to have “bad thoughts”: I could walk, I might not even make it!

NO! At 20km you can reach Faenza on your elbows! I walked for some kilometres until the edge of Fognano where a friend joined me on a bicycle at the most auspicious moment. His company quickly made me feel good and my mood improved and I began running once more.

There were many emotions along the way but, due to the way I live such these moments, when I feel well the last 5-6 kilometres are when I try savour the victory by taking in all the positive feelings.

Yes, because after 25 years I won, I had run the interminable avenue that led to the city centre and I entered the piazza with shivers running down my spine and with tears threatening to flow. After 11 hours and 50 minutes I was greeted like a winner.

Fabio Forlivesi

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