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The 25th of Giustino - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

The 25th of Giustino

The 25th of Giustino




On Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 May the 44th edition of the Passatore was run, one of the craziest races in which he participated: 100km to race starting from via dei Calzaiuoli in Florence, up to Piazza del Popolo in Faenza passing through Fiesole, Borgo San Lorenzo , Marradi, Brisighella… ..
This year for the Podistica Misericordia Aglianese, it was a truly special edition of the Passatore, because one of our older members, Rodolfo Bonacchi called “Giustino”, ran his 25th time and we, his friends and companions of km , we decided to enroll en masse and accompany him in this venture. Thanks to Rodolfo we found ourselves to be the fifth club in terms of number of participants, which is already an important achievement for a small team like ours but, more importantly, we have proven to be a group united like few others.

The race was hard, as the elders had already predicted to us freshmen, especially in the first part under the sun and the heat of Florence up to Fiesole, and then in the final stretch, when in the first morning lights Faenza was seen in the distance which never came. The passage to the finish line of the Colla di Casaglia at 913m of altitude was unforgettable, a passage that took place already at night, when the first top-runners had now arrived in Faenza, while we tried to keep together our group that had partly dispersed in the dark . Magnificent the descent of the Colla, in the pitch dark between the gorges of the mountain, with the road illuminated only by the lights of the runners and the rare cars in tow.
It does not matter the time we spent, we ran expecting each other, helping those in difficulty and calling back those who bit the brake to fly alone, supported by a large group of assistants who came to follow us by car, with the only goal to get to Faenza all together behind our Rodolfo: goal centered.

For many of us it was the first time in such a long race, perhaps for some it will also be the last, but it will certainly remain in the hearts of all of us forever.

Romeo Cappellini

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