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We'll run again - Running for growing - Part 3 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

We’ll run again – Running for growing – Part 3

We’ll run again – Running for growing – Part 3

Also this year the Atletica 85 Faenza participated and won a well deserved “Mention d’Honneur” award at the Sport Movies & Tv 2020 – 38th Milano International FICTS Fest “, the world championship of cinema and sports television, for cinematographic works, television and new media, held in Milan from 7 to 11 November last.

The award-winning movie entitled “We’ll run again – Running for growing – Part 3” takes inspiration and images from the virtual edition of the 50×1000 held last May 23rd. The 50×1000 relay is a pilot project, born in 2018, to train educators and motivate the very young through sport, preventing youth discomfort.

Fifty participants, including children and young people, before the arrival of the winner of the 100 Km del Passatore, cover one kilometer each starting from the Passo della Colla and passing the baton, they arrive in Faenza in Piazza del Popolo.

Seeing in the relay a metaphor of life on which to build a symbolic story to tell, Francesco Panigadi, together with other parents, in rush with the CSI of Faenza and with the Athletics 85 Faenza, have transformed the relay into a project and video, inspired by to the work of Don Antonio Mazzi of the Exodus Foundation and his nephew Giovanni Mazzi, head of the ABC dello Sportivo project. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit us, this relay was also held virtually and each participant recorded a symbolic video of his participation.

The “Cinquantapermille” project was also supported by the Municipal Council of Faenza, which recognized its role as an “Institutional tool to promote collaboration between local sports associations, the networking of best sports practices for educational and training purposes”; among the purposes: transferring the role of protagonists to children, networking the different experiences of those who are active in sport, restoring the irreplaceable teaching role to physical activity.


Below is the link to see the award-winning movie

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