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100 KM OF EMOTIONS - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



26/27 May 2012 40th edition 100 KM of the Passatore

In this simple gesture is hidden the memory of our slow and hard journey towards a vast and profound World … I was there …

and with me the legendary friend Rossana; the support of our company A.S.D. Trail of the two lakes (our dear friends: Fabio and Giuseppe). Many friends from various parts of the world; for everyone a great day of celebration, ready to face the big challenge!

Saturday 26 May, via dei Calzolai in Florence; the mythical starting area where numerous runners from various parts of the world come together. The memory of exhausting workouts takes shape in this long-awaited and beautiful day where everyone, with humility and a high sense of sport, challenges himself and meditates on the goal that led him to face this titanic endeavor. Inside us, the real and reserved reason is hidden … in one’s heart, the awareness of being there for someone, for something or for oneself!

Starting line, Rossana by my side; concentration in his eyes; in his movements the fluidity of the sporting gesture refined by months of hard work; in me a slight sense of unease and worry … the responsibility of dictating the pace with the fear of making mistakes. She excited to share joy and pain to her first Passer; for me the renewal of the great challenge! I smile … I can’t go wrong, I can’t go wrong … I’m ready! The joviality of the onlookers distracts me!

15.00, the shot in the deafening silence of those few seconds before the departure … the scream of all and the applause of those present will charge you … a liberation! The adventure has begun!

First KM, here is Fiesole, first recommendations: Short step uphill! Run and step!

Head erect and hands on your side! Let’s go to Rossana! Loose, Faenza is very far!

We smile, joke, talk to others … the adventure has really started! An adventure that will mark the pace and leave an indelible mark on each one of US.

Passo delle Tre Croci … the first real sufferings … the goal is far away! Rossana worries! The pain of an old muscle resentment makes her jump … she gets angry but does not give up; I stay by his side and read his concern in his eyes (months of hard work thrown to the wind?). He doesn’t give up … the little big woman reacts, he can’t fail he promised Alessio (his son). We slow down dramatically but I stay close to her … I promised Fabio (her husband) that I will take her to the finish line.

Passo della Colla … no more joking, clenching teeth, suffering! We help each other; every simple gesture, word is a comfort … let’s slow down … but it won’t let go. The group works! The exhausting trainings have tempered us and strong of this we go on … together;

Yes, we will come together; Rossana does not give up!

Sunday, May 27, 03.15 am here Faenza … the last straight (2 km) that separates you from the emotion … it loads you, you no longer suffer … you seem to fly. At the first crossroads, a very generous traffic policeman smiles at you …

it’s done guys well arrived in Faenza, 200 meters, you guys have arrived! (thank you so much). Emotion squeezes our heart and runs along our whole body. We are truly in Faenza … together! (time 12.25′.54 “real time). Incredulous we embrace we smile; the challenge is won … the mind goes to our dear ones … Rossana looking for Fabio … his family; I mine … to them our Victory!

A beautiful victory sought after and consolidated thanks to the professionalism of many professionals. Thank you very much, to the friends of the refreshment points who have carefully and scrupulously packed every single food.

Thanks to the many supporter friends who along the way encouraged and greeted us with a simple gesture or a few simple but decisive words:

Come on guys! Come on, it’s done!

Do not give up! You are great!

Thank you all!

An immense gratitude to the inhabitants of the countless districts of the Tuscan and Emilian countries who with a simple gesture, a smile, an applause waited for us and accompanied us to the finish.

Thanks to our friends Giuseppe and Fabio who followed us all the way … thanks for contributing to the company.

Thanks to all the friends runners who wanted to share this wonderful experience (arrived and not); for them my personal esteem and a very simple dedication:

In running, as in life, believing in yourself and your goals is always a victory!

We all won young and old! See you all at the next editions.

Thanks to our loved ones who understand what we do!

ASD Trail dei due Laghi

Salvatore D’ANTONIO

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