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Andrea Zambelli wins the prestigious 100km of the Passatore from Florence to Faenza by Matteo Simone - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

Andrea Zambelli wins the prestigious 100km of the Passatore from Florence to Faenza by Matteo Simone

Andrea Zambelli wins the prestigious 100km of the Passatore from Florence to Faenza by Matteo Simone

Andrea Zambelli wins the prestigious 100km of the Passatore from Florence to Faenza

I brought home the conviction that wanting is power… in addition to the Passatore’s hat!




The 46th edition of the 100 km of the Passatore took place starting from Florence on 26 May 2018, which saw Andrea Zambelli arrive as the first man in Faenza in 6h54’34 “ahead of the German Benedikt Hoffmann, Giorgio Calcaterra ranks in third position and fourth Silvano Beatrici.

Giorgio Calcaterra won it 12 consecutive times and last year preceded Andrea Zambelli himself. Among the women the Croatian Nikolina Sustic wins, ranking 5th overall 7h53’55 ahead of Marija Vraijic and Elisa Zannoni.

We deepen the knowledge of the winner through answers to some of my questions.

In the mind of the ultra marathon runner there is a world of thoughts, sensations, emotions, doubts, certainties, programs, goals, goals, hopes. Passion is important, having a clear goal and a goal, planning and organizing the success of a race by committing with constancy and determination. It seems that Andrea has cultivated this pace for running and subsequently for the ultramarathon runner, having clear that the race of his life had to be the Passatore, and so day after day, he trains, race after race he acquires more and more experiences and the conviction of being able to succeed. in his ambitious undertaking, and so in 2017 he touches the podium finishing 2nd behind the KING Giorigo Calcaterra who wins it for 12 consecutive times. But Ancrea seems to be one who does not give up, one who learns from espereinzea and so this year he comes to the start with clear ideas ready and prepared for the important race. He starts out calm, so it seems, without taking care of the other athletes who paw and run too quickly in the initial part, so Andrea sets his pace and step by step, meter after meter, kilometer after kilometer, curca after curve is first on the line of the finish line.

What flavor did this race leave you? “Joy, pride, satisfaction.”


It was clear last year that he cared about this race and in any case he is aware that the 100km is a race for him, in fact he represented Italy in international events with excellent results, continuing to do well and to experience passion and enthusiasm. , always resilient.

What does this race mean for you? “For me the Passatore is the most important race.”


If you have clear ideas, if you are aware of your abilities, possibilities and limits it can only be fine, you just need a little self-confidence and focus for the moment of the race which in this case lasts about 7 hours, if you have done your homework if there is passion and talent you can only experience the so-called flow where everything runs smoothly and you arrive at the finish calm and satisfied.

Had problems, critical issues? “No, everything went well and I didn’t have any kind of problem.”


It is important to first want something, then imagine being able to get there and then commit, a work of awareness that takes you where you want by following the most appropriate direction.

What do you leave and what do you take home? “I brought home the belief that wanting is power … in addition to the Passatore’s hat!”


It becomes important to observe the internal observation of one’s own feelings and state of mind and external observation of other competitors and the context in which the competition is being competed. Andrea’s words denote a resilient person who focuses on the positive and not the negative, in fact he speaks of a German who accompanied him and not of a competitor who hindered him, a race together with the sharing of fatigue, everyone does first of all race itself and then also on the other without aggression and without stress so as not to consume the necessary energy that is needed for muscle work.

Have you met other athletes? “I already knew the best athletes, again only the German who accompanied me for 82km.”


It is important to focus on the present moment and be present to oneself and then to others. Now it is the present moment that allows you to understand what you are feeling, what you feel, how are you, from the present moment everything starts, but there is a moment where you have to be activated, you have to take action, you have to work hard and there is a moment where you have to recover, enjoy, rest, organize for new directions.

What are your goals, directions, goals now? “Now I enjoy success, then we’ll see.”


Nothing is invented, it is important to experiment in training and in other races to get ready and tested for important races, you always learn from experience.

Is there a particular food you took in the competition? “My usual foods during the race are bars, gels and bananas.”


Life is cyclical, one cannot always be in activation or always at rest, one cannot always be happy or always sad, cyclicality is important after so much effort, it is okay to recover energy and develop self-protection and pampering by taking back something we had left in suspense considering also that life is made up of individual, work and family spheres.

How do you take care of yourself now after this running race? “Lots of rest.”


I thank Andrea for answering some of my questions that allow us to deepen the world of the bizarre, courageous, extraordinary world of ultramarathon runners.

What did you tell at home, at work, to friends after the race? “I didn’t need to tell anything, they already knew everything live.”


I thank the famous and well-known Marche photographer Sandro Marconi “Scrotofoto”.

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