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Silvano Beatrici: The Passatore is always tough, but he always has his charm by Matteo Simone - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

Silvano Beatrici: The Passatore is always tough, but he always has his charm by Matteo Simone

Silvano Beatrici: The Passatore is always tough, but he always has his charm by Matteo Simone

Silvano Beatrici: The Passatore is always tough, but he always has his charm

The legs turned, but not as I wanted




The 47th edition of the 100 km of the Passatore was won by Marco Menegardi who preceded the Ukrainian Serhii Popov, the Croatian Dejan Radanac 7h23’37 “. followed by Andrea Zambelli 7h26’12 “and Silvano Beatrici 7h29’45” who complete the podium of the Italian FIDAL 100km Championship.

The Croatian Nikolina Sustic 7h31’05 “, followed by Giorgio Calcaterra and Francesco Lupo, is ranked 6th and first of the women. Silvano has been a member of the G.S. Fraveggio and has a staff on the 100km of 7h03’19 “in Winschoten in 2015, he participated in the 100km world championships with the National team in 2016. Below are Silvano’s impressions through answers to some of my questions: How did the Passatore seem to you? “Hi Matteo, the Passatore is always tough, but he always has his charm.”


Il Passatore is a great race with the participation of miles of competitors who want to challenge themselves by crossing towns, cities, plains, climbs and descents to reach their destination in Faenza trying to do their best: The most critical part? The best part? “The most critical part? Surely between km65 and 90 because the legs were turning, but not as I wanted … the best part? but … there are many parts that come to mind, from the climb where I was fine and I ran it with Marco who then won, to the last km where despite the difficulties there was the awareness that I would finish third absolute in the Italian championship, and after two fourth places it was not bad! To being accompanied by a champion such as Hermann Hachmueller and his family.”


A test of strength and endurance to show off, to be selected by the technicians of the Italian National 100km team and to be able to participate in international competitions with the blue jersey. To get the maximum performance not only must everything go smoothly but you have to do something superlative, something that goes beyond, which allows you to excel by finishing the race not only in front of thousands of athletes but with a time trial that is not too distant from 7 hours but however it is a third place among the Italians in a competition that has value: Before, during, after what was it like? “First, a great preparation, but I arrived a little tired and therefore with many doubts as is normal before a race like this. During, the difficulties and the euphoria of the different moments. After, the satisfaction for the result obtained in any case, and some physical ailment to the tendons that I have been carrying on for years.”


The 100km del Passatore is a race that is very popular with many runners and observers of the national team, having a good position or a good time is a great calling card that is part of the ultramarathon athlete’s curriculum. Participating means preparing well first of all physically and mentally but also from the point of view of food supplementation and weather management. You get there as prepared as possible, in the best way possible, but you always take into account a doubt, a thought, something that is not taken care of to perfection especially with advancing age which if on the one hand the experience is a lot useful but the bodywork must always be put in place and well lubricated with pampering, massages, physiotherapy: Who do you dedicate this arrival to? “I certainly dedicate this arrival to my family, because they followed and supported me, but above all because it is not easy to share a passion like this. The time required for training, especially on weekends, which add to a fairly busy life, is not always easy to find the right balance. In addition to running, in fact, I work as a freelancer managing a technical study, I am engaged as a councilor in the Order of Engineers of my province and as an Assessor in a municipality with more than 5000 inhabitants, I let you imagine.”


Sport is an important hobby but the practice of the ultramarathon becomes a great passion and perhaps sometimes a mission on the part of athletes, who immerse themselves in training for a long time outside of other vital relationships such as family and work but who it produces beneficial effects not only for the person who practices it and learning to manage situations by becoming more and more aware, confident and resilient. All this then affects the contexts of reference, in being more responsible, productive and effective.

Silvano has already worn the blue jersey, below is a statement of his from a few years ago reported in my book “Ultramaratoneti e gare estreme”: “It has been a long journey for several years. Longer training sessions, long ski races (mezzalama, pdg just to name 2), try a 70km trail coming out well with excellent results. Then 86, 118, up to the UTMB. ‘Try’ il Passatore find himself 5th and join the national team.”


Silvano is mentioned in my latest book “Maratoneti e Ultrarunner. Aspetti psicologici di una sfida”, edited by Edizioni Psiconline.



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