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Pamela Guidotti: Next important race? 100 Km of the Passatore by Matteo Simone - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza

Pamela Guidotti: Next important race? 100 Km of the Passatore by Matteo Simone

Pamela Guidotti: Next important race? 100 Km of the Passatore by Matteo Simone

Pamela Guidotti: Next important race? 100 Km of the Passatore



The 100 km del Passatore is an objective race for many ultrarunners and also for many marathon runners who want to dare, they want to challenge themselves in a race that is equivalent to more than double a marathon and therefore if in a marathon you can meet the wall of ultramarathon runner then in a 100 km you can meet more walls but that do not stop the desire and motivation of the ultramarathon runner to go to the end to cross the coveted finish line. Below, Pamela from Atletica Rimini Nord, tells a little about herself by answering some of my questions from a while ago, everything changes: What do you think is your next important match? “100 Km of the Passatore.” Do you feel ready? “The competition is far away, there are 4 months left. There is time for preparation and I can do well, this start of 2020 promises well.”  

Everything changes, this 2020 in January promised well, but it happens that there are exceptional, extraordinary, unexpected events that upset people’s lives and then it is a question of reorganizing first of all to live and survive and then to change programs and move commitments and goals. to reach. So I guess there will be much more time to get organized for the 2021 Passatore: Feelings, emotions, thoughts, before the next important race? “At the moment the thoughts are only those of training well. As the date of the event approaches, the tension will certainly rise but I will try to keep my clarity because I really care about this race.”  

The 100 km is a race that everyone fears, but everyone is waiting for it to get involved, to experience themselves to suffer but knowing that they will reach the finish line satisfied for having made it after months of commitments and fatigue that becomes the shadow of the ultrarunner, the fatigue becomes the daily friend of the ultrarunner because only if there is enough effort can you afford to get away with the 100 km race, you have to adapt to fatigue, know how to manage it, support it, make friends: What will be the race strategies? “Always keep a steady pace, trying not to overdo it on the climbs. Eating well.”  

These by Pamela seem to be excellent strategies, do not overdo it especially at the beginning, do not consume too much energy right away, have patience and trust and continue to the end without pawing too much immediately, above all eating and integrating a little at a time by varying food and drinks but having tested before in training or other demanding races: Do you recommend yourself with a team? Professional roles? “I have a friend / coach who recommends me some training to follow.”  

If once the coaches advised against doing these very long races already considering a marathon an extreme race, now things have changed the coaches are adapting to the needs of athletes who want at all costs to go beyond the classic distance of the marathon and then many do not they leave them alone indulge them trying to direct them in the best possible way and follow them in their long training path for the accomplishment of this distance considered extreme but not impossible: Do you use pre-race mental preparation? “Never!”. Is there a word or a phrase that helps you face the next race? “No, there is only my inner motivation that helps me to never give up.”  

Motivation is the main driver for defining a goal to be achieved and for mobilizing energy for a suitable period of time to prepare and train and then in the race not to give up. When there is a crisis, just ask yourself why or what do I do? Do I really want to do it? Is it my need or need? And then you can continue to go and take a desired dream, hoped for, fought through the decisions of the various tiring training sessions: What aspect of your character helps you in facing important competitions? “Positivity and determination”. What skills, characteristics, qualities help you in important races? “I have the ability to set myself a racing pace and to be able to keep up without too much effort. Is it called constancy ?! I do not know”.

In competitions lasting more than 10 hours it takes a lot of discipline to not destroy this important project and Pamela seems to be not only motivated but also very disciplined and aware of what she can do and how to achieve her personal success by completing it competition: How does the mind help you to overcome difficult times? “My mind, especially in moments of crisis or when I suffer from physical pain, often leads me to think of a person I have seen suffering a lot from a bad disease. It gives me the strength not to give up”.

These are very emotional and moving words from Pamela, it is true that seeing others who despite various difficulties manage to commit themselves and obtain great results for them and for others surprising helps us not to give up, to make sense of the things we do to find so much more courage to move forward, seeing others resilient helps us to be resilient too in committing ourselves, in being positive and optimistic, in not giving up: How do you see yourself at 50? “An eternal girl! Maybe with some white hair though”. How have you changed through sport? “Running has changed me profoundly. It made me a better person in every area. I have more self-esteem”.  

The physical appearance can change with age, but the experiences made help to know each other, to appreciate each other, to be mature and responsible and the race, especially the ultra-run, leads to unexpected and unpredictable situations where you have to find confidence within yourself and resources to face, manage and overcome them, leaving the sporting field the athlete remembers and has in mind what he has managed to do and can transfer all the learning into daily life, joys and problems.

You can learn more about Pamela Guidotti by looking at her site http://www.correreovunque.it/

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