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"FACTS NOT WORDS" - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



In the meantime, let me introduce myself
I am a participant (one like many No. 328) that I congratulated the lady (but I don’t know the name) who before the distribution of the bibs did the kick-off with the volunteers and that in the end I reviewed and I did positive sign (with the finger .. I didn’t want to disturb you).

In a motto to say organize a Passatore I would say .. “FACTS NOT WORDS”.

I have seen “create” what is attached and I must thank all those who have done their utmost for the realization of this event.

Instead, during the race you only hear reproaches, humiliations but the maximum and that are said by the runners themselves against the organization; nothing is good:

The meeting point is not the same … I’d better say you also get to know a big city (a bit of positivity) … think of the permits to be requested in time also from the Municipality.
The technical shirt (not to their liking) .. well I would say they give it back or better buy it with the writing 100 km both in front and behind .. let’s see if the proceeds cover the expenses;
The first refueling is a disaster … what do they want taps for 100 meters on the sides … if they wait (long after you saw them they don’t run anymore) just wait a little earlier …
Others at Colla .. coffee is not good there is a bar you pay !!
After the half … the abyss … nothing is going well … “… the refreshments are not provided with fruit ..” I went too late so I didn’t have to find anything (as in some marathons done) while even in Errano I found bananas and eggs and the volunteer pointed out that many want to drink but not to eat .. I understand k the goal is near but one must be supported …

At the end of the race the minibuses available the staff ready for the pick up of the cip, the wine, the gifts … try to see if (with the same money) you runners have (in a marathon) so much stuff and staff available .

Isn’t it over and at the gym?

Nobody thinks to take away their own dirt .. I personally saw a lot of garbage taken away and say k the runners should be “clean” “… we paid them a lot ..”

Nobody thought at least to fold their blanket or remove the sheet and fold it …

Nobody thinks about when you have to start asking for sheets, blankets and beds and how many … then permits …

Sorry if I went a little too long and I forgot to appoint other groups of volunteers (first aid .. the masseurs .. the doctors).

No one thinks … only with bowls still and with a slightly serene soul some appreciation (soft and torn).

Well I conclude

To you organizers, a warm commendation for what you do and with how much professionalism you put in your work.


1 greeting

P.S. sorry the lexicon but I think the meaning can be understood … and see you in 2013 with the desire to finish 5!

Elio Mezzogori

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