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I WAS NOT THERE! - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



A “100km” starts much earlier … the race is the final part, the goal to be achieved … the beginning is in the heart, in the need for emotions, for unusual experiences; dreams in the drawer that never end !.

Do you think that, despite the difficulties, it is a realizable dream, because: “EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON ME”.

My first obstacle was to see if the “INTERNATIONAL FULVIO” agreed to train me … yes, he shared the 5-month efforts with me. FANTASTICA was the possibility that gave me to pass the test of my first 60km making me participate in the Padua marathon as a 5-hour race assistant; where, when I reached the finish line, I went back to recover the last competitors turning into “HARE” until the end of the event !! brilliantly and cheerfully passing my test …

Thanks to her precious advice, I arrived on Sunday 24 May: the last training session (15km run and pace in the evening to get used to the night passage on the Apennines); but there is a problem, I have a sore throat, I feel a little tired and so I decide to make it slip the next morning. Then, the UNEXPECTED, I start with Sneezing, Cough, Supercooled by VIRUS, I take everything; but FEVER also arrives and consequently the antibiotic. Four days of “REAL ANXIETY” hoping to make it and to say “I was there !!!”; but I have to give up, unfortunately due to a very trivial virus that destroys my DREAM.

With the advice of the “FULVIO INTERNAZIONALE” on how to manage the race and by Paolo and Antonio (already experienced centrist kilometers of the Passatore) .. I felt I had already crossed the finish line, I felt the heat of Florence at the start, the fatigue of the second climb to the TOP THE CROSSES after passing the BOSCONI road !, and the coolness of the PASSO della Colla after the stretches of road “beautiful tough” just left behind, I saw the lights of the torches in the dark of the night during the descent towards Marradi, I felt the support of my friends, my teammates, Rita and my daughter Anna who pushed and cheered me from home in times of fatigue, but, above all, I saw the sincere help of my husband Carlo and my son Alessandro who were staying with me Escorting .. and in the end my SPRINT from Brisighella towards Faenza in piazza del POPOLO; but everything is postponed to the next edition, when I hope to be able to write ..

” I was there!!!” to the 100km of the passatore of 2010!

Paola Chiodelli (pettorale n.1165)

30/31 maggio 2009

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