× Ritorna la 49^ edizione della 100km del Passatore - 25-26 maggio 2024
I WAS THERE! - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



Dear friends, this year, after reaching the 100 km mark for the 10th time, I also want to express my opinion on this event and describe what it feels like before, during and after this race.

I became a runner almost out of necessity: I was advised 20 years ago by the doctor to walk to reactivate the musculature of my right leg which following two femoral fractures that occurred two years apart, had me caused problems of circulatory origin. Thus begins, with little enthusiasm, on Sunday to participate in running races. Soon the running took me and within a few months I convinced myself that I had to continue and slowly I went from 5 to 10 km, from 10 to 15 and so on until I decided to participate in the Passatore that fascinated me so much. I had heard of it during various running events. There were those who were enthusiastic, who saw with anguish those long endless kilometers, who had reached the finish line, who still dreamed of it. So why not try? I signed up with a group of runner friends, also on their first experience, perhaps to encourage each other. I didn’t reach the 100 mark, I stopped at 85 km. Don’t give up as that interrupted race in ¾ helped me understand many things: enthusiasm, the mass of people, must not take hold, I should have left with my usual pace (I don’t run to win but to get there). Thus came the 2nd time of participation in the Passatore. The enthusiasm was greater than the previous year also because it was richer in experience and friendship. This last word assumes a lot of importance in this long race because we are all on the same boat, all with the same purpose and friendship, understood in the right sense of the word, it was born naturally, we help each other, we encourage each other each other, we understand each other and this friendship born along the way remains over time. The finish line reached him in 16 hours. From that second time nine more followed, always at the finish line, always with enthusiasm and joy the first time I signed up. I hope to participate again and to be able to say with pride still many times “I was there”.

Ivano Perdomini 53 years from Cremona

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