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A LONG PASSION ... 100 KM - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



The thought begins when a cold January day intrigued by my friend (whom I will quote several times) Mimmo Jack Tamburrano, I begin to think of participating in the most beautiful race in the world or the 100 KM of the Passatore Firenze Faenza. … 100 km already !!!

January 2010: I fight with a form of pubalgia, which stops me and makes me sick, I decide after several improvised treatments to have an ultrasound scan on my abdomen. The ultrasound … he smiles tells me that he doesn’t notice anything serious and nothing seems to be inflamed, so I can start running again ……. (slowly …). Allotment convinced in February with a program for cents, also driven by the extraordinary friendship of Julis (serious as good athlete who prepares the Marathon des sables another extreme race) and Mimmo Jack. I start to work hard to do at least 50 km (half race) as I am very late in the preparation program.

In the end I ran to prepare it: once 44 km, 6 times 30 km, 10 times 20 km, 15/20 times 10 km… .. and…. that’s enough!

Let’s go !!!! On Friday 28 May, the car is made up of 4 gladiators + the assistant Salvatore Colella, also a centrist, but stopped in the pits this year. There is Pino Colella, a great …, Mimmo Jack, very well prepared, Salatore Cangiuli, very loaded, … and … I Arcangelo Rizzi with a little bit of everything or maybe less.

The journey is pleasant, several stops but the most important one in Pescara .. you eat the lasagna prepared by my wife Ella..Very good.

Once in Faenza we are greeted by a violent storm, …. “better now than tomorrow” we say ….

Pasta starts at 8.00 pm in the Rione Nero di Faenza after a walk in Piazza del Popolo observing and imagining our arrival … at the pasta party you can taste 3 dishes of penne pasta with parmesan sauce a bruschetta with tomatoes a piece of donut … All excellent. We set off with other centists for a walk towards the return to get rid of tension and … what we ate a lot.

Saturday 29 May we leave for Florence, I am very tense. We walk the race route in reverse … “… tremendous …” says Salvatore …

Florence at 12.00, after eating a little fruit and drinking an energizing one, I took the bibs … my 375 we head to Piazza della Signoria looking for shade and where to sit. There are many tourists, some ask us how many km the race was, we say 100km … stunned they go away and one gentleman in particular says … “INHUMAN !!!!!”

Star at 15 is nice for the first few kilometers but I also think about what will come…. The first refreshments, I drink and bathe my hair, to overcome the heat and 30 ° degrees. The first climb begins and alongside the friend jack (we will stay together up to the 90th km) we smile and joke with people, to some I ask him “am I okay for Faenza?” to a carabiniere intent on blocking the cars I say “have you removed the speed camera?” he smiles and answers “yes for you”.

The real climb begins, the one that takes us to the Casaglia hill 913 meters above sea level, I begin to really suffer, I run, I run … but I walk, how much suffering …

We arrive at the 50th after about 7 hours, I evaluate and reevaluate whether to stop, but the pride tells me that I must continue with Mimmo, also because of the club runner 87 we have stayed with him, Cangiulli has stopped at the 35th Colella P. at the 50th. (go Archangel go Archangel I repeat myself and Mimmo Jack repeats me).

During these 50 km my cell phone rang several times, Umberto, Vincenzo, Antonio Graziano business colleagues .. real .. and then friends of the club runners Agostino, Piero, Luigi, Angelo Russo, Casimiro and above all Juliu iannitti always ready to encourage me to never give up, I owe a lot to my family in particular to my children Mara and Antonio who with two sms have literally changed my race. Antonio wrote: “Dad if he can help you get to the end … today in school in mathematics I took 10” —- Mara: “Dad, I know you will do the whole race .. I love you so much !!” After these messages my legs started like locomotives …….

After wearing the long-sleeved shirt (temperature around 12 degrees) we start again from Colle di Casaglia always close with a lot of grit more, also seeing the descents that await us … We raise the pace recovering many positions. In Marradi with the support of Pino Colella always close, they start to have crises, I have leg pains chest pains (perhaps because of the cold taken up to 50 ° km, and for the shirt wet with sweat and water previously) my feet start to hurt … we decide to slow down.

We continue. we note Salvatore Cangiulli at a refreshment with a big ice cream “Mimmo have you seen that ice cream? “And Mimmo …” This pays us ….. ”

We arrive at the moment of the turn Brisighella 90 ° km … I have a strong contracture in the calf I decide to get massaged, Mimmo continues to not get cold.

The doctor says that maybe I should stop …. I look at him and say “Doctor I have to get to Faenza at the cost of getting lame or with my elbows but I have to get there” … It starts again, I reach Mimmo I overtake him at the same time the bubbles on my feet oblige me to walk, Mimmo “Go, go scream” … so the last km are only with my thoughts … … with suffering … and pain, but also sharing the spectacle of the night that passes at the first light of the day … I see the sign 99 km ……… .. then be, I turn on the turbo now really nobody stops me anymore, I travel at such a fast pace that I don’t believe it either…. I start to see the road that leads to Piazza del Popolo in Faenza I feel emotion and more that I can’t explain … I overtake many, one joins but does not hold my rhythm … I’m going really fast.

Friends are there, Salvatore Colella Pino Colella Salvatore Cangiulli Mimmo is missing, arrived a few minutes earlier (he is now in the car) and they are ready to congratulate me.

“It’s done it’s done” I cry. I cross the finish line raising my hands to heaven thanking God for giving me strength. It took me 13 hours 53 minutes I cry I’m happy, too happy.

I realized a dream where at the beginning it seemed unattainable, a fantastic experience, a goal for a few, I knew the suffering, the loss of control of my body … … BUT THE GREATEST JOY TO ARRIVE UNTIL THE END OF 100KM OF THE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL RACE IN THE WORLD “THE PASSER”

Thank you all.

Archangel Rizzi

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