× Ritorna la 49^ edizione della 100km del Passatore - 25-26 maggio 2024
DREAMING THE 100 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



When by now May is in the smell of June
athletes animated by heroic fervor
they feel the need clear and powerful
to run the “100” of the Passatore.

All attracted to the epic undertaking,
to test their resistance
in the hope never disregarded,
depart from Florence and reach Faenza.

When the punctual starter starts
compact overflows the huge crowd
still all together, still all in the wake,
for the moment, nobody is staggering.

With a brisk pace, the human tide
leave the sweet plain behind
now he no longer sees the city Medicéa
from now on it goes up and it’s harder and harder.

Everyone feels fast,
you turn back and Fiesole runs away
puntan decided on “Vetta le Croci”,
the next ancestor, worthy stage.

Past it, go down through gentle bends
then slowly the road takes off again
up there you can see the first distant ones
who tame the “Passo la Colla” quickly.

Left behind this last ramp,
leave with it the intent of surrender,
a proud smile is printed on the faces
from now on it’s all downhill.

A sip of tea, a dessert, a sandwich,
to corroborate the tired engine
and in the blink of an eye, it goes beyond Fantino,
happy to still be a nice pack.

Thinking about the arrival is no longer so strange
given the road left behind
in about two hours they will see Fognano,
then straight to Faenza at the bottom of the valley.

Exhausted and happy they will enter the square
richer in heart, friendship, experience,
overwhelmed with glory they will never forget
the mythical “100 Florence-Faenza”.

Danilo Lama

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