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MY 100, WHAT BEAUTIFUL! I'VE DONE IT FOR THE SEVENTH TIME - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



I left that I really didn’t know what I could do: the failure to leave two years ago, the disappointment of last year when in Borgo S.L. I had sat down without being able to leave, the preparation not completed due to the influence of a month ago, the uncomfortable journey by train and – after the start – the difficulty of swallowing the macaroni al dente (which would be better to call the marble) of the canteen …..

However, I had a clear idea: to get to the end. I had to take 19h 19 ’19’ ‘too!

The climate promised well, after we had seen on the train journey that it had just rained and that the sky promised more water.

I tried to maintain a not too sustained pace and to stop well for refreshment.

So I found myself at Colla, not too worried and determined and confident of being able to continue, despite the fact that some pain in my legs and feet began (ah, it is true, I had brand new shoes!

thing they say not to do, but that I also did right in my first 100 of 2000: MYTHICAL THAT!).

After Casaglia my wife joined me who had met me in the car, at the end of her shift, to check my state of health … physical and mental. (As far as possible, in a family man who for some years without reason he went into these adventures ..)

All right trotting up to S.Cassiano. Here I sat down, because I felt a little tired.

But after five minutes and a hot tea, comforted by my wife, I thought it was really time to stop running, but to try to keep going.

After a while I seemed to have wings on my feet, I walked yes but with a broad stride, determined that it also gave me a good relief in the legs.

I thought I was going on an excursion, and the beautiful night, the beautiful sky, the beautiful landscape, the fireflies (I counted them all!) And my wife who walked alongside me for some stretches, gave me new sensations and emotions.

The comfort of my wife’s company, the sense of relaxation of the legs, have made possible the realization of what until then
moment was only the will to arrive in my Faenza.

It went so well. The satisfaction of crossing the finish line was great great great (as always and more than ever)

Thanks to my wife for your patience, thanks to you who comfort me with your enthusiasm. I’m sorry for those I saw in difficulty (Marzio, Alessandro), congratulations to the champions and to Meneghetti, which seems to me the true revelation of this team of ours in this Hundred.

Long live the 100! 100 thousand times.

Covizzi Gino

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