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MY FIRST PASSATORE. I WAS THERE! - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



My first Passatore” is the title of many small and large writings that I have read here and there in the folds of the internet and on the pages of the book “I was there!” tribute of the organization.

It contains the feeling perhaps most present in those runners who have faced this race for the first time, those characters who the day before behind the Uffizi arcade, paraphrasing the singer-songwriter, have “that face a little bit that expression a little bit ‘so ”of those who do not know what Marradi means and if you notice, you recognize them immediately. They have in their eyes the bravado of adventure and the fear of the unknown, they have in their gestures the hesitancy of inexperience and their ear attentive to stealing the advice of the expert.

That title summarizes that parade of emotions that pass in the gaze, tired, lost in the void on the beds of the “Cavallerizza gym“, through which you ideally retrace the hundred kilometers that separate you from Florence and that end with the whispered phrase between you and if “yet I did it“.

In that title, again, there is the awareness that you are now “part of this carousel” that the taranta has bitten you now, that sooner or later you will find yourself on the last Saturday of May, under the Uffizi porch to peer among those faces a travel companion already met in Olmo, in Borgo, in Ronta, at Colla or on the night of Marradi di San Cassiano or Brisighella, ready to leave.

Then, perhaps, there is the awareness that the first time it will remain carved in you, that you will carry it with you among the memories of life such as those pages of the books you put your mark on in order to read them from time to time.

Because on those roads, capable of offering you panoramas of clear beauty, serene sunsets, starry skies, between those cities, at first jubilant then gradually dozing, always welcoming, among those people always ready to give you encouragement, in the heat of Fiesole and in the cold of Casaglia, in the slight step of the descent after Le Croci and in the suffering step of the last kilometers towards Faenza, you understood something about yourself that you didn’t know and that thing is precious to you.

For this I say to those who love running, STRENGTH !!! And next year you will also find yourself with the pen in your hand writing about your “first Passatore“.

Luca Della Corte
(Podistica Azzurra Napoli – 2007)

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