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MY PASSATORE - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



I followed Fabrizio on this umpteenth adventure, I participated, trepidated, dreamed and supported the man I love in this wonderful show of strength and character.

On 1 May, while we were waiting for the rice marathon to start in Vercelli, a boy told us about his experience as a “one hundred kilometer driver” and MY emperor decided to try, sure as always of his ideas and his stubborn character and stubborn.

Before June 28 he had never raced more than 42 km, yet he tested himself again and signed up.

Friday after reaching it in Milan, we left for Faenza, the intention was to travel the other way around Faentina, see the road, understand the slopes, get an idea of ​​what “awaited us” the next day.

Faentina is a wonderful road, with breathtaking views and panoramas, lush greenery, hills, villages out of time, gentle curves, steep descents and steep climbs. We had dinner at the Colla pass and in the meantime we imagined what it would be like the following day to get up there.

On Saturday, contrary to forecasts, it is hot and sunny, we collect the bib number, eat fruit, focaccia and ice cream then we go to the start of the ultramarathon. Florence welcomes us warm and hospitable, the organization is impeccable. The atmosphere is warm and cheerful, the speaker rattles off names of prominent athletes, the Medusa trio arrives followed by a bunch of fans, the runners are all tense but they smile, tell and tell each other.

Fabrizio with his yellow tank top and red bandana is beautiful, he smiles and, at a certain point, he confesses to me that he is agitated.

I try to instill calm and security in him, I know he will make it, I am convinced because I know him well, and also this nuance of his character makes me love him more and more.

A shot and a colorful and wandering tide leaves for Fiesole. I try to take pictures but my hand is trembling, I am in trepidation, I wonder if I will be able to give him the assistance he expects from me, I review all the “orders” he has given me, maltodextrins, salts, fruit, biscuits with apricot jam …

I leave by car and I’m afraid of getting lost, of not arriving, of disappointing him, of making mistakes.

Then instead I load, if he asked me to follow him it means that he has faith in me. I begin to prepare the car with banners and cheers, I follow the race step by step, every 5 km we see each other, I give him a drink, I feed him, his clean shirt comforting words, caresses with his eyes …

The runners are all kind, they talk to each other, I cheer them on and applaud them, take pictures that will then turn out to be horrible, scream, jump, sing ..

Night comes and the race becomes magical, silence broken only by the sound of tired but constant footsteps of these exceptional characters.

In the villages you can breathe an air of celebration, you feel that this event enters the hearts of ordinary people, voices and applause, I feel so happy and proud of him !!!

Fabrizio is tired but does not give up, he continues undaunted to run, shortly after San Cassiano we decide to see each kilometer, I assist him, I would like to give him my fresh legs, I would like to give him the strength to finish this test .. from the eightieth km I decide to run with Fabrizio, I take the car a kilometer ahead, I run towards him and accompany him, this until the end, this up to Faenza.

Fabrizio crosses the finish line running, he is my hero, I would like to scream, cry, embrace him, but my great emotional charge arm in arm with sadness block me.

Thanks passer, thanks for the emotions and the words and the smiles

Thanks for the colors and the silent but lively night ..

Thank you love for wanting me once again.

Sabrina Vincenzi

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