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PASSATORE 2012 - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



What a trip !!!! Oh yes, because a 100km cannot be defined as such.

And the Passatore for me remains THE JOURNEY.

If I had to describe the emotions that you feel in running this race, I think that would not be enough

not even 7h18 ‘….. already because even now after two days the emotions follow one another without

stop alternating flashes of extreme satisfaction with others of excruciating pain. But the conclusion is

always the same: a unique satisfaction.

This trip starts from afar ….. it is the choice to make up for a very bad world championship. Middle

we got the allergy that affected everything, but as they say …. I’m a hard head and

so ….. Passatore both, equally.

Massages with Rodolfo, my super masseur, at the SAN RAFFAELE center in that of

Foiano: a guarantee.

I prepared the bag in a maniacal way: BROOKS race suit, the old yellow ID ELITE

phosphorescent to be more visible even in the dark, RAVENNA to combine with lightness too

a discreet support of the gesture.

For the integration I have long thought about something alternative and I would almost have brought one

nice bottle of chianti classico from LA CASACCIA then thinking about it I thought it would be

it was better to drink.

The exceptional escorts all. My wife Federica is pure energy, Giuseppe

absolute tranquility, Laura the perfect “guardian angel” alongside the athlete, Giovanni, well him at

the end acted as a spokesman to incite the public and turn it on even if I have to say need not
there was.

And then …… THE JOURNEY.

We start with this super fascinating competition which, as always, is above all a test with

themselves. The company is excellent and runs smoothly to the top of the crosses then I understood them

that the allergy, which I thought had passed, would have dominated. And so it was ….. already downhill me

there was no air to talk about the climb to the Colla where the lungs literally came

inflamed. But anyway I was at stake so let’s dance. Downhill I recovered very well except then

accuse the lack of previous oxygenation which at kilometer 56 caused me a cramp

violent in the right calf. The suffering was atrocious I had never had a thing about

genre ….. Both Daniele and Antonio have recovered me ….. but I could not give up, if I withdraw it is for

something eternal … someone even told me that this was it … boh …. anyway, after I was

pulled for good I took my, let’s say, run. Up to 75km, thanks to the favorable route,

I managed to recover and overcome those who preceded me up to 300 meters from my friend

Dimitry ….. but then the bill came up with all the interests. Not being able to rush

my thighs hardened with my feet and it was really hard to get there, especially when you see yourself

recover and understand that you would still have breath, all right, but the muscles ….. well those were already in

car hadn’t been for my heart. However then you get there. You come out of the darkness for

reach the light of Faenza …. what an emotion: always wonderful. And here… .. REWIND.

Yes, yes, rewind.

Already this journey is not only competitive. There is something truly unique and special that pervades

the whole event.

The departure with PIRI ‘who together with his Passatore runs away, chased by the very first, to open up

the road to Faenza.

The multitude of people along the path. All fans of all. Even the companions themselves

they cheered and incited “opponent-friends”. Groups of cheering kids screaming your name e

hopefully asked for a “5”, some of these had also created a very special miniristoro:

moving. And then ….. the incitement of very personal supporters, which I knew in retrospect

having suffered more than me in seeing me run in that state: super SUPER.

And when we ran in the darkness of the waning night, the magic of

Passatore, whole families, groups of friends all ready to give their support: a nice push

towards the goal that when you are in my condition it never seems to arrive.

And then … here it is Faenza, the Passatore has already arrived, but with its lights and the warmth of the people

embraces in such a warm way that one cannot help but be moved. And the beauty is that this

welcome is paid to all.

In particular I was very impressed by Gregorio ‘s human embrace with the always mythical

flag of my super special club: the BERGAMO RUNNERS. And then thanksgiving

heartfelt of Pirì with that warm embrace of who knows what the runners feel, the

people, all along this journey.

But as I said at the beginning, the time to describe your emotions would never beat ….. again

now writing these few lines, each word recalls a special memory that I keep for myself

in my heart thanking everyone because without you these would not be there.

This is undoubtedly a goodbye to 2013 …. you can count on it.

one of many.

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