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THE MOST BEAUTIFUL OF ALL! - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



What prompted me to write a few lines about the most beautiful and fascinating race in the world, was the chance encounter about a month ago with my current sporting myth, unknown to large audiences but now famous along the Via Faentina.

In fact, during a marathon I had the opportunity and above all the luck to exchange a few words with Giorgio Calcaterra who was preparing to run the second marathon after a week, crazy !! Clearly our albeit brief dialogue immediately focused on the “Passatore” and what surprised me most, even if I already knew it in part, was the humility of this super man in telling me some impressions and curiosities about what even one like him, who has made and won lots and lots of races and races, he said he said and reiterated “the most beautiful in the world” !!

Coming to myself, that the Passatore has never won him even in the most beautiful of his dreams, memories and beautiful emotions along the Via Faentina, however, I experienced a huge amount, especially during and at the end of my first “Hundred” finished at 18 years of age in tears of joy while you handed me a beautiful ceramic watch, a prize attributed to the youngest arrived in Piazza del Popolo, a place that occupied a beautiful slice of my heart for the short but intense moments that each year gives me welcoming me as a son who has come a long way to find his mom !! This undertaking, because whoever finished it knows that it can be defined as a 100 km, I owe it a lot to my father who made me known having finished it alone the year before and who accompanied me, sometimes even without participating , in some of my 12 editions completed.

Since this first time in Faenza, the beauty of almost as many years as I had then have passed for me, and after the many “this will be the last” that I have self-repeated, I am preparing for the special 40th edition. After my first three editions ended I stopped for two years, most likely if it had not been for a strange coincidence my now vital link with the Passatore would have closed there! Instead it was my brother, a faithful car companion in practically all of my 100, who spoke to a colleague of his semi-sedentary about this crazy race that takes place along one of the most beautiful roads in Italy during a fantastic and enveloping night, which especially with moon and stars it truly becomes the most beautiful night of the year for those who experience it !!
So I went back to limestone Faentina again, this time in the company of Altero, who currently has practically reached me as finished editions, and which has made me relive his first Passatore as if it were again for me too, having given him ( his words) a fundamental hand to complete it, for me immense satisfaction and new emotion on arrival in Faenza.

The wonderful moments lived in all these years are and will remain etched forever in my mind and heart, starting from the thousands of voices and colored T-shirts gathered in Piazza della Signoria, which does not need adjectives or compliments, to then go up on the gentle and pleasant climbs of Fiesole and Vetta le Croci, where the centrist feels at one with nature, then savoring the fresh air of the descent towards Borgo San Lorenzo with his lungs, then devouring a nice sandwich and a nice beer from the “little man” with the caravan at the Fonte dell’Alpe. The sensations of the night each one keeps his own tight, because at night you can hardly see anything, everyone is alone with himself and we are all united by this strange passion that is not only sporty, but above all it is the desire to demonstrate to oneself first and foremost, but also to the whole world, that a simple walk of 100 km can make you live life under a better aspect and dimension, it can make you grow, strengthen your personality and your character, make you know and compare yourself with healthy people and genuine, make you live the dawn of a day that will take you to a goal that is at the end of those last three infinite straights near Brisighella, but which is a goal in our life, a challenge that is renewed every end of May to prove that another year has passed and we are increasingly alive and stronger !!

In the meantime, another ex-sedentary has been added to me and Altero, his name is Natale, he has reached 5 Passatori, but as timekeeping has already exceeded us! We made a promise, that everyone inside himself knows that we will not keep: we have declared (not sworn) to stop at 20 Passatori! Will it be true ???

To finish, I want to make a simple but immense thanks to those who have been able to inherit the 100 km of the Passatore from two dear people such as Francesco Calderoni and Alteo Dolcini who, with the few means then available but with a lot of commitment and love, have made this “Creature” born, grow and become unique in its kind …

Marco Isacchi

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