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"THE NUMBER ONE" - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



Before starting my short story, I would like to thank the organizers, the volunteers and all the people who, despite the terrible moment of the earthquake in Emilia, followed with incredible passion and professionalism the development of this event that is not easy to manage due to the number of people and for the vastness of the territory involved.

After a few months of psychological and physical preparation, the long-awaited day has finally arrived.

My friend Angelo and I are at the start of what is the symbolic race of the Italian ultramarathon: Il Passatore.

I had studied the course by heart, and had humbly prepared myself as an amateur, to at least be able to finish the race in a decent time.

The departure from Florence was as exciting and engaging as expected.

My fear was that of not being able to respect the times I had set myself and being dragged by the other competitors instead, thus risking to burn the stages and consequently to “melt” before arriving in Faenza.

The first uphill stretch towards Fiesole and the Croci summit was truly beautiful. A beautiful landscape and territory, with an exceptional view over the city of Florence.

Subsequently, the road that descends towards Borgo San Lorenzo allowed us to recover with a quiet run, time and energy.

Borgo is really very nice and the passage in the historic center will remain a beautiful memory.

We had prepared ourselves psychologically to face the climbs that lead to the Colla pass and with patience of admiration for the wild landscape that surrounded us, we arrived with a quick and continuous walk at about 900m of the mountain grand prix.

Something less than the seven hours budgeted. We were satisfied and all in all, after about 48 km, still in excellent condition.

Now the part that worried us most began, the darkness and the relatively low temperature were certainly not good travel companions.

The road to Marradi was really long. The first part of the descent, steep and therefore deleterious, has definitely left its mark on the legs.

The refreshments along the way were very well stocked, (the hot broth was a medicine) and we felt great admiration and gratitude for the volunteers who worked there.

After the control of S.Cassiano, my pard began to have problems with his feet. Blisters as big as euro coins under your feet.

Unfortunately after about 77 km. Angelo had to abandon.

A car from the organization took him (commendable) to the hotel in Faenza where we were staying.

Finishing it on my own was psychologically more difficult, but gritting my teeth I arrived in Faenza, in that beautiful square that I had dreamed of seeing for a long time.

The approximately 16 hours it took me to cover the distance are a detail.

The enormous satisfaction, however, was that of being able to manage the race critically.

I hope that the next edition will see me cross the finish line together with my dear friend Angelo.

Thanks again to everyone for allowing me to experience the emotions that only a great race like the Passatore can give.

Claudio Bruni

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