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WE WERE THERE - 100 KM del Passatore | Firenze - Faenza



Dorina & Orzowey
We were there

A few months ago, I was there, facing the most beautiful running race in the world: the Passatore. Yes, the Passatore, the most incredible and exciting race in the “world”. This much-dreamed race, this challenge never faced.

I faced this adventure without being in competition with anyone, without time objectives, but above all by enjoying step by step the emotions, thoughts and feelings that are experienced during this race. As a side dish I had people cheering, and I had the spectacle of nature.

I have never been better than this, and I was so well that I never had a moment of physical or mental weakness until Faenza. I was trying to give the joke to everyone, and above all I congratulated all the refreshment volunteers.

I already knew that sooner or later this long-awaited meeting was to come, but never ever would I have thought of feeling such a strong feeling, a great emotion and a strong feeling of security. Yes, I was at about 32 km but I saw the arrival, yes the arrival, and it wasn’t hallucinations, but that crazy friend of mine named Dorina.

I arrive at the Colla pass, now almost at sunset, and apart from a pain in the tibial area I continue. It is certainly not a pain that will stop me.

We are now in the dark, and the torch I was carrying was able to illuminate enough to run safely, because the arrival was already illuminated in my mind.

In short, from 32km onwards everything was easier, I knew that every 5 km there was refreshment, but above all there was her, yes she was Dorina, the one who, while not sweating, was always by my side step by step, km after km, ready for any eventuality.
I believe that in the end the one who suffered the most was her, in the dark and cold, not to mention the tiredness of the trip. YOU were GREAT.

I have now reached Marradi, and we are 65 km away, when my friend Mauro and his brother Bruno join me and it is a further moral boost. Mauro who follows me by bike and Bruno who with the van waits for me every 5 km, as does Dorina.

What do you want me to tell you, I knew I had “real” Friends and I am proud of having Friends like you. At that moment they were my legs and my emotions were all for them. You will say and physical fatigue? physical fatigue was there, but I did the last 30 km flying.

Now in the distance I see the street of the center that leads to the square of Faenza, and the emotions are sky high, but I stop and hug Mauro. I only said a paltry thank you, but I am sure that he sensed everything I wanted to pass on to him.

I have thought many times about what my “arrival” would have been, and just thinking about it I will not deny that I cried many times, as I am doing it now, and how it has been happening to me for a few days.

And now I was there, under the “Arrival” banner, I didn’t cry, but I don’t even have words that can describe what I felt.

I would have liked to shout my joy to the whole world, I would have liked to embrace and kiss Dorina, I would have liked to do many things, many things for them, but that at that moment I did not do and I regret it.
Not even a souvenir photo we took, but the photo is not important, what matters is that you know that I will remember you and will always carry you in my heart.

Now that my dream has come true, and happily brought to an end my challenge, I am feeling a feeling of emptiness, a void that I plan to fill with the next edition of 100Km. THANK YOU ALL

Cry with someone. It will make you feel better than crying alone.

Giambattista Pievani

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